Shop not a Franchise Room

I’m running Alpha 36.3-4 and after I zone and build a Shop it will not let me sign the contract because it is saying that it is a Franchise Room and I don’t meet the room requirements. It is doing the same thing with Cafe’ however I have build and zoned a successful airline lounge.

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Wow, that looks really weird, are you sure that’s a food room and not an airline lounge room?

I can confirm that, I have the same issue. Did send a bug report but can’t remember the number.

Same here. Sent Bug Report allready.

But it seems that this only happens when researching the feature. Not in Sandbox for me.

No, also in Sandbox, sorry.

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We’re looking into this issue as of the next update, will hopefully provide a fix later today.

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Hi. Same issue with Beta version. Both shops and restaurants /cafes behaving as if they are airport lounges and asking for info desk etc to be included.