Should i buy the game on steam?


ive been watching the game on youtube over the weekend, and i am really interested in it, but i dont know if i should incase my computer explodes or something.
my laptop has 4gb ram, which is at reccomended.
the processor is 1.6ghz, below minimum.
im not sure about my graphics, but i assume its minimum 1gb at least.
do you think i should buy?


It’s up to you. Once is use my laptop, which has 1.6 Ghz Dual core cpu, 2GB of RAM, and HD Graphics 4000 (run quite good for building small airport, forget about this ). Though beware, since the game is very heavy, especially to your CPU. Or you could just buy the game now, saves some money to buy a new one (the game is cheaper now than later)

But, once again, it’s up to you.


You could buy the game on Steam and download one of the user created airports and see how it runs. They are planing on some performance improvements soon too. If it doesn’t run well you can always return it and get a refund through Steam. I believe that’s if you play the game for less then two hours.


Lol, “this” is small nowadays. Wait until you let @EG0611 build stuff.


Just loading the image is already making my laptop very hot… 70% CPU usage lol


Have you tried GeForce Now? It’s a cloud gaming program/service by Nvidia which is currently in a free beta testing. It’s pretty cool. You should get amazing frame rates with it.


I want to say overkill to use GeForce Now, then i remember my 1K passengers per hour… in 2 FPS -_-


Lol, “this” is small nowadays. Wait until you let @EG0611 build stuff.

That save was created for a personal purpose. It takes 5 minutes to load save and I get 10 FPS on it while it has zero PAX, zero staff and zero vehicles so building 1 more bench will be impossible at that moment.


thanks for the advice guys. ill probably purchase either at cyber monday or christmas.


up to you, its a great game! Downside is large airports will not work well on your computer.