Signs and ad banner

Feature request title:

Ads and signs for decoration and passanger flow


To increase the realistic character of the game it would be cool to have something like ads and signs. When you look at real airports then there are always placards, ad banners and so on. So the airport doesn’t look so empty. It also could be used to control the passanger flow, like simple signs with “one way” or “do not pass” or signs which guids the passangers to special areas like security check points. I think with things like that the terminals and areas wouldn’t look so empty and also could give the oppertuinty to earn some money from the ads.

(Sorry for bad english, not my native language)

Why it should be implemented:

Makes the airport look more realistic, gives more opportunities for decoration and money (small amount), better control of passanger flow

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This is a good idea and it’s already requested alot, but you wouldn’t see it from a top-down perspective.

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I think those should be two distinct features. (signs and pax flow control)

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