Simple baggage improvements

ACEO’s baggage system deserves a bit of attention. I don’t want it to be overhauled completely though. I’m only suggesting three simple improvements that would make it more realistic without adding any complexity.

1) Replace the bagagge destroyer with a baggage inspection/confiscation station.

Imagine getting your personal belongings shredded to pieces because of a sleepy security officer.
Well not anymore with the new inspection station!

Instead of destroying unwanted baggage, it should be confiscated.

The station would work like this. Baggage rejected by a Tier III Scanner would come into the station. A security officer would cut the bag open and search it. If the bag is indeed dangerous, the bag will be confiscated (the security officer can put it in a special container or something). The security rating will increase. To keep things simple, baggage that is not dangerous will not be returned to the belt. Instead, the officer will put it away and the airport will have to pay a fine for damaging the bag and shipping the bag back to the passenger ($100 for example). Also, the security rating will decrease.

Here is a rough example. (I’m sure Jettuh could create something nicer looking)

The “baggage correctly destroyed” rating would be renamed to “baggage correctly confiscated”.
And the Operations report from your airport’s COO could look something like this:

  • Baggage correctly confiscated: 4

  • Baggage incorrectly confiscated: 2

  • Fines for incorrectly confiscated baggage: $200

Why it should be implemented:
This would make the system more realistic while keeping it simple.
The core “hierarchy” (Tier I Scanner -> Tier II -> Tier III -> Destroyer) would not be changed.

2) Reduce the amount of dangerous baggage

(I’m 90% sure something like this is planned for Beta, but I’m mentioning it just in case)

Currently, too many people are smuggling guns and explosives etc. onto planes. I believe two things should be changed.

  1. The amount of actually dangerous baggage should be reduced a little bit.

  2. The consequences for letting dangerous baggage onboard should be much more severe.

Why it should be implemented
15 dangerous baggage per day seems a bit too much. A $5000 fine for endangering a plane full of people is too low.

3) Conveyor “curtains” for passing through a wall

When you want to route baggage through a wall, there are two options.

  1. Go under the wall
  2. Destroy the wall, which creates an ugly shortcut for staff.

Having a way of routing baggage through a wall without letting staff through would be very useful. Belt “curtains” would let us create nice looking belt designs. (See image below)

Reference image

Why it should be implemented
This would allow clean belt desings. And I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to implement.


  1. Replace the baggage destroyer with a baggage confiscation station. Basically a cosmetic change, the functionality would be the same as before.
  2. Reduce the amount of dangerous baggage. Increase the consequences for having a bad scanning system or bad security officers.
  3. Add a way to route baggage through a wall without letting people through.

I believe these are (quite) simple changes that would make everyone happy without adding complexity.

100% yes, I want this stuff


Agreed :open_mouth: :smiley:

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In general, I agree.

I don’t think there should be a fine for “incorrectly” confiscated baggage though. In real life, the bag just gets opened up and searched (consent is implied), and any offending items would be removed, and a notification card left inside the bag - then the bag is sent to the plane. The potential for mishandling and damage is there, and then the customer can then claim for damages.

Also not to hijack your thread, but I’ve been calling for the longest time ever, that the Tier 2 scanners to be merged into a single scanner simply because it is artificially complicated at the moment. There are no “gun” or “drug” scanners in real life for example. An x-ray is an x-ray. It will detect everything. One might say that the drug/explosive scanner would be an ETD machine and is therefore a separate technology - yes, but it doesn’t work by passing the bag through it. One might say that there is EDX specifically for explosives - yes, that’s true, and that’s all that is needed for a Tier 2 scanner in my opinion.

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Yes, the fine was mainly meant as a compensation for damage (if we ignore TSA locks for simplicity).

Also, I agree about Tier II scanners. There is no real reason to have 5 types. I wouldn’t say you are hijacking the thread because it would also be a simple improvement. :slightly_smiling_face:

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