Singapore Prata Airport (SGP)


This will chronicle the evolution of SGP. I will update the thread when the airport has reached the next major milestone.

Phase 1: True Beginnings
The first phase involved building an all GA airport, then using existing stands to transition it into a small regional airport.

As you can see, construction for the terminal was underway.

Now the terminal was built and had all the facilities you would expect from a world-class airport, albeit on a small scale.

Phase 2: Growing Pains
Now it is time to expand. Unfortunately, the current layout of my airport did not quite support a logical expansion. Fortunately, this was part of my plan. Thus, I built a completely new terminal and airfield.

Continuity of operations was a difficult task to accomplish. It required a bit more work.

A row of GA stands was removed and ground transportation was reworked. The change was subtle but it was important to allow access to both terminals during this interim period.

I had put in the majority of the facilities to allow the operation of the new terminal.

And then I ceased all operations and emptied out the old terminal. The foundation was to be retained for future use.


Phase 3: It’s Alive
Operations began at the new terminal and the final touches were made.

Going forward, all apron space will make use of concrete instead of asphalt to mitigate load deformation. This is especially… pressing… due to the hot tropical climate that Singapore is situated in.

An inner look of the terminal, and you will find certain features not commonly built. For example, all doors leading to the outdoors were built in tandem to reduce the escape of conditioned air. The security checkpoint has egress designed to mitigate loitering. There is also a generous amount of space dedicated to offices and break-rooms. Passengers should never be required to open any door with their own physical effort, so even washrooms are door-less (if you are opening a door at the airport, you most likely should not be!) Due to the passengers’ inclination to use unisex washrooms, the lesson learned from the old terminal was that those washrooms receive much abuse; no more unisex washrooms from hereafter!

Gate lounges were carefully detailed to create a balance between aesthetics, practicality, and passenger flow. There was an additional door leading to each gate, for one, to reduce the escape of conditioned air, and for two, to improve aircraft security.

Although I know that contractors don’t use offices and break-rooms, and that employees don’t use washrooms, I built contractor’s office and break-room, and ramp agents have their own washroom in the baggage hall. I have a plan for that empty space in the baggage reclaim area…


Airport looks cool! Nice view on the built!


Really nice, liked the text info too to go with the thought process and pictures


Now that’s a proper build! Really nicely laid out and beautifully decorated. Awesome work! :slight_smile:


Wonderful, I like how you did everything in phases rather than just going ALL IN and build the full airport in 1 go.

My only remark would be the bus stops in front of the airport.
This could use some love (maybe a few trees?)


Really like the airport man!! Looks very real to me in terms of geometry. It’s not all just square instead it has very nice touches to it. Definitely gone take some features of it into my next airport. Did you build it in sandbox or with a limited money baseline?


At first I built it normally, but as I was amassing cash, I suddenly lost a huge amount of cash, I don’t even know how…
So then I just turned to sandbox, but I didn’t go excessively far into the negatives. My cash flow was always positive, but I got impatient at times lol


You just need some of these now to complete the look… They are very experimental 772/773 and not ready for release. Once aircraft modding becomes a thing, then they will be. Singapore fly 772 in to Wellington to I made them.



working on the A380 so that would also be a nice addition in the future.


LOL, between us we got most Boeing and Airbus covered. I’ve flown on them a few times, not a fan. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, only a plane its mother could love. Looking good build wise though. Love your work.

PS If you need Singapore assets just let me know and I’ll send’em along.


lol haha, never flown one hope to do so soon though. and thank will send you a pm if i need them.


Phase 4: Build it and they will come
It’s time to expand. The demand doesn’t exist, but if we build it, they will come!

Here we’re going to completely rework our ground transportation. Continuity of operations still in mind, so the few existing bus/car stops were operating while I was building the expansion.

Now we’ve built out our terminal towards to the south-west to match the frontage of our ground transportation hub. If you have noticed, I have added a subway entrance, some more washrooms, and a couple of shops/restaurants. The terminal expansion will allow for more baggage claims and check-in desks. The contractors’ base has also been moved towards the north.

A closer look at the contractors’ base. There is office space, a break-room, and washrooms for them. The terminus of the road will eventually have a checkpoint.

For the runways, I have added an additional parallel runway to allow for future air traffic. The demand doesn’t actually exist yet, but we’ll get there eventually. Concrete taxiway has been constructed at points prior to runway entrance where aircraft typically hold; this will help mitigate load deformation once again.


Fellow Singaporean! Hello there!


I’ve been attempting to expand the airport but I don’t think my computer/game can handle it because sometimes I crash while loading, or crash while playing. Until the performance update…


I’m terrified myself what will happen when I hit the go button on my recent rebuild that has me at nearly 70 medium gates… and my brain is also no pondering 10 beyond the final phase of the recent update that includes 4 more…

There’s a part of me that really wants to push the limit of what this game engine will handle after the update because right now, the engine will handle a huge volume… bugs, yes. But if it can handle ~80 gates fully operational and not make my computer quit its job… well than I’d call that proof positive that the engine is ready… especially on a 4 year old laptop i5


Phase 5: B Ready
This expansion work allows B Pier to operate at its full capacity

First, we’re building more baggage claims to match the number of baggage bays we will have. I have also reworked the southernmost baggage hall a little to give extra room for a new restaurant. Reworking the baggage hall meant that operations had to be partially suspended. A new shop was added by the main entrance of the transportation hub.

A closer look at one of the new restaurants.

To facilitate future growth, it was necessary to rework the check-in area. Operations were partially suspended as was the baggage hall. Check-in desks are now grouped in blocks of 6x2 with additional seating area.

A closer look at the new check-in area. Offices were slightly redone as well; now each executive has his/her own office with a standalone boardroom. A new pre-security shop was added as well.

Further to the west, more baggage claims were added for future use. A vehicle checkpoint was added as well. To divert the flow of passengers leaving/arriving by subway, a new subway entrance has been added. I’ve sheltered the subway entrance with glass so my customers don’t get wet.

A new restaurant was added.

And finally B pier is running smoothly. It pretty much looks identical to A pier…if only there was a clone tool. The small ATC tower near the terminus of the pier was demolished and a new one built in place further north past C pier. C pier!!! Yes, it will come eventually.

A closer look at the B pier concourse. There’s a restaurant, a shop, a staff only security checkpoint and exit.