Skybridges [implemented]

Update from Apoapsis Studios

This feature request has now been implemented as part of the multi-floors feature!

While this feature is now completed, future improvements and functionality may still be added over time.

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Feature request title:



As an extension to the multi floor feature to have the option to build skybridges/walkways/connections between buildings that are on higher levels so vehicles and planes can drive underneath them.

Why it should be implemented:

This ads the option to connect buildings but still give vehicles and planes the option to drive in between the buildings instead of round the building. This opens the opportunity to have a taxiway in the middle and multiple stands on either side and still connect them to a building.

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Perhaps with a feature to not letting big size planes (not yet in game but hopefully some day) under a skybridge that’s only as low as a second floor.

As much as I’d love big planes. I’m not going to even remotely suggest it. I would not, even at this time vote for it either. Yet I am working on big planes locally. The larger stand though, that’s a very different subject matter.

I prefer to see underground walkway and vehicle tunnels before skybridges.


Second this motion.

Or other level bridges could come as one object without “real” elevation; like the underground baggage belts.
Program it like bridges in OpenTTD, you have to mark a start and endpoint and the game will then fill in the middle; in Aiport CEO you could make the “leveled up” lane invisible to the simulation, just a “passing object”, that way our DEVS dont have to code in a new level plane that has to be simulated.

That’s also the reason why we can vote :wink:

This is a great idea for satellite terminal buildings.

An alternative could be underground passenger transfers (either through underground walk ways, or busses/monorails)?

Let me leave this here :slight_smile:


Will definitely be possible with multi-floor, if you make the walls all glass you’ll essentially have this feature in.


@Olof, I think the question (and forgive me if it is mentioned earlier in the thread) is can we make these AND have it so planes can taxi under them? At least that’s my want out of this.

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Yes, that’s how we intend to design the multi-floor aspect. At least when we started planning it a few months ago, it may change but I also would like to see this kind of functionality and it’s easier to have the terminal itself act as a sky bridge rather than to construct a separate item.