Slower In-Game Time [Implemented]

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Slower in game time


_Me and many other people think that current in game time is too fast according to animations, passenger and vehicle movements and when new features (Cobus, De-ice, Cathering Cleaning etc…) come in, current game time won’t be enough to handle all these actions. Everything wil happen so fast and players won’t enjoy the game. So my suggestion is that new game time has to be at least x2 slower than current time. _

Why it should be implemented:

Increase realism and create extra in game time for more activities.

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It has been discussed in many topics.


Big one for me, always has been since before the game was even available. This was evident from watching the devs be gameplay vids. This suggestion will take about 5 seconds to add so they should just do it regardless how far down the list it is.

Not sure if my reply falls into the slower in game time but the time allotted for aircraft arrivals, turn around and departures is too long. A small jet lands, is unloaded, cleaned, refueled and departs in about one hour. The game has it taking 3 hours. Even if we cut it in half (make it two hours), we could have more than 4 flights per day per gate.

The problem is that the animations and game speed would never allow for a 2 hour turnaround for anything but small planes. That is why we want the game speed reduced. It would allow much shorter turnaround to get it closer to realistic.

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Players can always increase game speed by x2, x4 and x8 but they cannot slow it down by x0.5 or something.

This really should be higher on the list in order to make the overall gameplay more realistic. A sliding scale that the player could choose would be great, but I don’t know how that would work.

Fredrik said that many assets in game are connected with in game time and he said that changing them might break these assets so I guess time speed needs to be changed in core.

Ah ok fair enough, that makes sense. But I’m absolutely on the same page as you. To me, lack of realism is what kills enjoyment in these games so this one’s a no brainer to me.


Exactly, there are many things happening at the airport and will be more activities with oncoming features. If current game time continues like this, neither game nor players will be able to catch up.


Yep, the time scale is just too fast. IMO the animations are almost perfect and the operations of airport turnaround seems ok, but the time scale and the vastness of the real estate everything needs to traverse does not allow for the time compression chosen. It does need to be cut down closer to actual time. Of course having several levels of fast forward is great for those that want the in game days to advance faster. This would increase animation speed like it does now, but would allow for all operations to be done in a reasonable time frame.

If they make the time scale 2x slower they will also need to double the upkeep of everything and double the salaries of workers, or the game’s balance will just be thrown out of whack, it’s already not that well balanced as concrete plane bays cost the same as grass to upkeep. They would also need to add more game speed settings as the fastest one is pretty slow already while waiting for money.

They can’t just change the time scale and ignore the balance of the game’s economy put it that way, it will be a lot more work than most people realise.

Isn’t upkeep based on the game clock and not real time? If so changing the time scale will not impact those things. You are right they are out of whack currently. They should be able to add a few faster fast forward multipliers to take care of the game progressing too slow for some.

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I don’t mean actual time, i am referring to in game time. As I said, a small plane takes a 3 hour block in the game meaning we get 4 flights per gate. In “real life”, a small jet or turboprop takes about an hour to unload, clean and then depart again. The actual game wouldn’t change speed, just the game time clock.

That is what we mean as well. If the game time compression changes so that it does not warp time ahead as fast, and thus is closer to actual time, the game will allow you to have more realistic turnaround of all flights. It should not take 3 hours for the flights you mentioned. With the current time compression there is insufficient time for the actors (plane itself to taxi and park, baggage, pax, tarmac crew to turnaround all services, etc) to complete all the tasks to get the plane turned around properly. If you just want that block changed to 1 hour vs 3 the way it currently sits, every single one of your flights will be massively delayed. If just animation speed was raised then it would look comical seeing everyone and everything behaving like the superhero Flash.

I don’t recall the current game compression but it is like 4 real second equals 1 game minute at normal speed. (i am probably way off but you get the idea). Slow that period down by at least half and everything will be close or at realistic levels.

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i couldn’t agree more with this topic and i hope the devs take notice of this

took some time, but finally the penny has dropped. :wink:
We need slower ingame time!


Has now been implemented.

It is true that is was implemented but personally I think that game speed can be even more slowed down.


Is it really implemented? I counted how long is 1 hour ingame at 1x velocity: 2 minutes. Then I watched a video on YT of 2017 and saw that 1h also lasted 2minutes. Maybe I don’t understand the question.

… Wouldn’t that mean more waiting for money to pile in. I would never do extreme mode again I will tell you that.