Small aircraft being fuelled by A-1 tanker

Recently bought the game and I’m enjoying it very much.

I’m working my way gradually through the tutorials and I’ve just researched the medium aircraft and the corresponding A-1 fuel system.

My first medium aircraft visitor was delayed in departure because it wasn’t fully fuelled, and after a bit of investigating I caught my A-1 tanker refuelling the small commercial aircraft on the small stands instead of the AVGas tankers.


Do you have a screenshot of this?

Small commercial aircraft take Jet A-1.

Only General Aviation uses AvGas

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They were taking AVGas until I researched and implemented Jet A1. Now they’re taking Jet A1? Very confusing and not explained anywhere…

Suppose I’d better sell one of my AVGas tankers and get another Jet A1 tanker then - thanks for the replies.

Hi Olof, screenshot here:

Well…after the changes around version 30 or so the devs made things a bit quirky in that regard. Before the changes all aircraft were fueled with the proper fuel so it just depended on the plane - which you could look up by clicking on it. Rule of thumb: most propeller planes use AvGas and jets use Jet Fuel. We had some GA jets using Jet A1 as well - which was totally fine. Now hypothetically, the same plane uses AvGas AND Jet fuel - and this depends on whether it is a GA flight or CA flight. I hope this is reverted to a more logical approach.

Yes, this is correct, I misunderstood the question. A lot of players had issues with the pacing of the game and the tutorial in the beginning which is why we made this distinction. Jet A-1 for that aircraft is thus correct.

Thanks for the clarification. Something to bear in mind for further play…

There was also a time when 1 GA airplane (Cirrus Vision?) was using Jet A1 as well. Not sure how it’s working now.

AvGas now although a jet plane in reality.