Small Airlines


Due to the the fact that there just are not as many airlines that operate aircraft that use small stands modded into the game currently. I am creating some airlines for the game. I will share some images here and I am uploading the airlines as I make them to the steam workshop.

This one is already on the Steam Workshop. It is a German Charter airline.


Sounds Air and Golden Bay Air are a couple of other small class ones as well.


I am currently working on Tropic Air. 3 of the 4 aircraft they operate are already in the game so they seemed like a good fit.


I am currently working on Tropic Air.

Ohh nice airline. I am also searching small regional airlines like this to add to ACEOMM. If you wish I can gladly accept liveries.

More airlines always have room in ACEOMM if they got the necessary information. Airport CEO Mod Manager Businesses Suggestion Topic


Id gladly give you the liveries as well I am a tad confused how to get them to you though.


Here is a progress update on Tropic Air I got the the Cessna 182 in the game. I have DHC-6 and Cessna 208 still to make before the airline is done tough.


These are the other two Tropic Air Planes. I will be uploading this to steam.


For Suriname; if someone is bored; Blue Wing.


Beautiful liveries @Jerrod247 We have a system on how to send liveries and necessary files to ACEOMM staff. You can check it out;

And you can join to discord via this link;


Here is a Grant aviation Cessna 208


Southern Airways Express Cessna 208


These are all great airlines, could you guys also try to add Mokulele airlines, Ravn Airlines, along with Cape air?


I made two liveries the first on is Bering Aviation and the second is Mokulele Airlines.


Ravn and cape airlines are already in ACEOMM


Great work. Thanks a lot @Jerrod247.

Below you can find a list of airlines that use smaller aircraft:

  • Coastal Aviation (Tanzania)
  • Federal Airlines (South Africa)
  • Aerolink Uganda (Uganda)
  • ZanAir (Tanzania, Zanzibar)
  • Regional Air (Tanzania)
  • Safarilink (Kenya)
  • Auric Air (Tanzania)
  • Airkenya (Kenya)
  • AeroVIP (Portugal)
  • Aerolineas Sosa (Honduras)
  • Aerovias DAP (Chile)
  • Alaska Seaplanes (USA)
  • CM Airlines (Honduras)
  • Pacific Coastal Airlines (Canada)
  • Pascan Aviation (Canada)
  • Sylt Air (Germany)
  • SkyExpress Greece (Greece)
  • TAG Transportes Aereos Guatemaltecos (Guatemala)

There are some more, but these were out of my head.


There are some more, but these were out of my head.

Give me MORE!!! :smiley: I am hungry for regional airlines!!! (to add to ACEOMM)


Does that include also Regional Airlines for Medium Stands (F50, ATR, CRj, etc.)?


Does that include also Regional Airlines for Medium Stands (F50, ATR, CRj, etc.)?

I didn’t mean “Regional Airlines” airline but I mean small, local airlines. You can suggest any airlines that are not added to the ACEOMM Excel sheet.

Actually in order to not create spam here is a dedicated topic for it;


What about Air Choice One, Kenmore Air, Wright Air Service, Servant Air, California Pacific Airlines?
I also hope that the game could add the PC-12 and Beechcraft King 300’s for Boutique Air, and other airlines.


Name : MASWings
Code : MH (Share with Malaysia Airlines)/MAS
Description : MASwings is a regional airline operating the Rural Air Services (RAS) in East Malaysia. It took over the RAS previously operated by FlyAsianXpress. The first flight was on 1 October 2007, which is also the anniversary of the founding of Malaysia Airlines in 1972. Its headquarters are located in MAS/MASwings Administration Building, Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah. Previously its head office was located in the Beautiful Jade Centre in Miri.
Website :
CEO : Aminuddin Zakaira
Mother Company : Malaysia Airlines
Logo :
Aircraft Painting :

Aircrafts :
ATR 72-500 (10 Units)
DHC 6-400 Twin Otter (6 Units)