Small Crosswalk


Hi together

i have any public roads only 1 part width, but i can’t place a crosswalk there, while it’s double width.

So i think, it will make sense, to add an small variant.

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Hello, I don’t think I quite understand. Can you include a picture depicting the issue?


i think he means that 1 width roads need a crosswalk version instead of the 2 lenght crosswalks that u CANT place over single tile roads


I can imagine that becoming a thing once single lane roads are actually in and supported :slight_smile:


I totally agree. I just wanted to post this problem and a quick search led me to this old topic.
With one way streets coming, this will become an issue. Crosswalks are two tiles long and therefore don’t fit on single lane roads. I had this problem at my remote bus stops. Each flight stand has its own bus assigned to it and its own bus stop. That way a dead end single lane road in front of the bus stop doesn’t lead to any traffic jams, because the assigned bus is the only vehicle using it. But one tile wide single lanes can’t be crossed by crosswalks. I solved this by repositioning the stops next to sidewalks, but small crosswalks would be nice.



If you rotate it, you should be able to fit it there. Its lines will not be in the desirable direction; however, passengers and staff will be able to cross the road there.


@parillos Nice idea, at least solves the problem.:+1:
But in my opinion a single lane crosswalk will still be neccesary for the final version - there is no rush.:clock10: