Snow plows planned?


Any plans to have snow plows for winter weather? To clear runways and roads? To keep airport open even during the winter months?


Goes with the topic of ground vehicles, but I believe snowplows are to be implemented when the climate system is in its final build. Also, this could be something you could choose equipment and companies. i.e. SnowPro Snow and Ice remover and WeatherMaster Snow Division. Choices of equipment could range from full-out snow and salt trucks to modified pick-up trucks. :snowflake: :zap:


Would be an interesting element as current airports have to weigh the cost of the equipment, maintenance, crews, etc. against the possible losses of closing the airport during snow storms (look at Heathrow which closes when they get snow and Canadian airports which sometimes operate in near blizzard conditions).


Or Ohare that closes at fog while DTW stays open lol. DTW has been fined several times for poor clearing of runways.


We need de-icing too.


I can also imagine different types of snowplows for different sized airports and expected conditions. MAF out here gets probably a dozen commercial flights a day and we rarely get snow. The airport operates with what is essentially a truck with a snow blower. Now at a larger airport that gets snow regularly a larger plow or fleets of plows is necessary. Time versus money. Small plows take longer but are cheap to operate while larger plows are quick and can keep up with snow but are expensive.


I believe you also get something referred to as a conga line, where a line of snow plows are side by side, but staggered forward, where the first snow plow shoves the snow to the left, where the snowplow next / behind it takes over and shoves it further left, continuing down the line until the last snow plow shoves it next to the runway, effectively cleaning the runway in 1 sweep.

The salting vehicles are behind that again


Definitely de-icing trucks as well!