[Solved] Check in desks won't accept passengers

Hello. I feel stupid for posting something here again, but I ran out of ideas what could be the issue. My boarding desks are fully staffed and they are able to locate the baggage bays. I have majority of my baggage system connected with the fast baggage belts. But no one walks up to baggage bays. The baggage claim area operates normally.

screenshots of the boarding desks and my baggage belt system.

Hm… did you enable the baggage service?

And did you connect all the check-in desks with the stands and bagage bays you want them to be connected to, same for the stands to the bagage bays?

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Do you have a road connection from baggage bay to the stands, I can’t tell from the image? And do you have a way for staff to get to the baggage bays? Baggage bays can be inside or outside secure area, but staff cannot cross into secure area without going through security.

I did

Yes I did

Ramp agents can access everything perfectly. and they bays are in the security zone which ramp pass, so I don’t think they are the core of the issue.

I’m not sure I understand the issue, is it that ramp agents do not walk over to the baggage bays or that passengers do not drop bags via the check-in desk?

It was about rank agents. But it has been solved, if I wasn’t so stupid I would notice that I scheduled flights on the beggining of the week and turned on the services soon after, that’s why the issue persisted for a week.