[Solved] HELP! - security staff cant reach the checkpoints to work


Hi all. played this game and managed to build a successful airport but put the game down for a while and now i cant get my security staff to man my checkpoints in my new airport. it says the cannot reach it.


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Can you also please post a pic of the whole terminal with zones enabled? I assume you have hired security personnel, did they arrive, do you have a staff room?


I think you should leave a row of space between the ques to allow your security agents to reach the checkpoints as they try to reach the front of it


I have hired security personnel. they’re all stood at the bus stop currently. i dont have a staff room yet.



i also tried this already to no change


Good idea, @dewitjur, but I rebuild the situation and staff members can actually cross through queues.

Might sound like a stupid question, @doogie1987, but I ask anyways: Do you have an entrance to the building, so your security can enter it? :roll_eyes:


yes i have many large doors


Sorry, I didn’t see the screenshot, my fault…

But now that I’ve seen it I also see your problem: crosswalks!
Your staff can not cross the streets. :wink:


i have also just set a staff room at the bottom but they cant reach that either


my building contractors can find it fine. just not my actual staff


ah yes forgot about those. thank you

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Contractors can walk EVERYWHERE they want, so they are able to build everywhere.
All other people can cross the streets at crosswalks only.
Happy to help…

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yeah i completely forgot about crosswalks. that sorted it. thanks guys!

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Good to hear it’s solved! Safe flights! :small_airplane:

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