[SOLVED] Internal Branch Password help


I tired to use this password to enter the internal branch of airport ceo but each time i try to put it into steam betas it does not work .41rp0rtc30t35t1ng1337

does anyone have a working password.


Hello, can I ask where did you get that password?




If you read the messages on that topic, you see that internal branch had been terminated in March 15, 2018


Ah did not see that. thanks for that

but I do not think it has been removed as they make reference to it in the latest dev blog.

“So, now we really must get back to work, we expect Alpha 29 to be deployed this week to out internal testing branch and depending on its success we’ll then plan the deployment strategy for the experimental branch. We’ll make sure to let you know when it goes live. Regardless, we will be back in two weeks with a new development blog updating you. Until then, fly safe!”


It is up to Fredrik and Olof to decide to when and with whom to publish Alpha 29.


At latest on Friday! :slight_smile:


So that password will be active again on friday?


At latest on Friday! :slight_smile:

I wasn’t expecting such a spoiler on such a topic :open_mouth:


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Note, on the internal branch which is non-public, we’ve spoken about this in the development blog this week and I think it’s always good to keep people informed on what we’re doing since it’s been a little less communication than normal on our part. :slight_smile:

No, that password is not correct and access to the internal branch is handled by us. We have dedicated community members (running a long time back) who have access to that branch a long with some other QA resources. Once internal testing is complete it will transition to the experimental branch and then everyone will have access.


Since the issue is resolved. I am locking down the topic.