[solved] Large plane doesn't leave stand

I have created my first large stand, and it’s all connected as required. Large planes land as expected and park at the stand, and passengers disembark, baggage is dealt with and fuelling occurs. Passenger embarking then occurs and everything looks good to go, however the plane never leaves the stand. There are no issues or errors being displayed.

If I dismiss the aircraft, it does leave and take off, however the next plane comes in and I have the same issue.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what’s causing this and how I can get it working correctly? All other medium and small stands are all working fine.


Have you got a large pushback truck allocated to that stand or in a nearby parking lot/depot?

I do, and the large pushback truck is on the stand connected to the plane ready to push back.

Are all tasks marked as completed when you click on the stand?


It just stays like this…

Looks like an issue with the baggage system.

  • Is the stand connected to the baggage bay?
  • ULD loader is available?

All connected up…

ULD is available and unloading takes place fine.

And the loading too?
According to these numbers no ULD came out at all. :confused:

The baggage truck is at the stand, but nothing seems to happen. It just stays there.

Where is your ULD loader? Large planes don’t use the baggage loader.

You need a large baggage loader to load and unload the baggage

Thanks all… Looks like you have got to the bottom of the issue, thanks.

To clarify though, a large baggage truck isn’t sufficient, I also need a large carrier belt loader truck?

Thanks again all!

Great to hear

The baggage trucks (small, large with roof and large without roof) can be used for any size of planes. Their difference is only the driving speed and the costs.

For handling large planes you specially need:

  • large belt loader
  • large pushback
  • 2 stairs (when no jetbridge)
  • 2 busses (when remote)

everything else is the same as for medium

Marvellous… Just need a large belt loader then!

Thank you

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