[Solved] Low Framerates - MBP


Hey yall!

Been a long time since I was last on here, but figured I pitch my issue again since it appears I still have the issue.

Im running on a MBP 2.6Ghz i7 - 16GB Memory - 1tb SDD
It appears my game slowly drops FR as it progressives. Normally I would just for into F10 and clean floors would improve, however now that I can hardly get 1FR in normal, when cleaning or alternative to help game only gets me like a 3-4FR.

My airport isn’t that complex and I haven’t even implemented bags.

Any tips? Been out of the loop a bit!


It probably isn’t helping that you have 40k passengers

I would recommend opening some subway stops if you haven’t already, then shutting all of your bus stops and waiting for the crowds to disperse


I was wondering about that actaully, but the numbers always keep jumping back up! How do I keep ppl from staying in the airport after they arrive! LOL Put a sign up “Welcome, NOW LEAVE”


Usually it’s just people queuing at bus stops when there are not enough buses
They just build up and up
I have gotten to the point where I don’t even build bus stops in the first place and just have 5 or 6 subway entrances


Have your FPS suddenly come jumping back up yet?


Still trying to kick them out!


Try pressing f10 and clicking send all passengers home


I did, im slowwly dropping. down to 35K but still terribly laggy.


How many subway entrances do you have?


Right now, 3. Should I do more?


It can make it go quicker though the crowds will go down eventually with what you have at the moment


15 passangers and runs great LOL I uploaded like 15 subways so we shall see how this work


Yeah, that’s definitely it… good that you managed to get it solved @JoshStormPilot! :slight_smile:

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