[SOLVED] No audio / sound anymore


since few weeks I have an issue regarding audio in the game. There are no sounds for me at all anymore (menu and game)
I am using an Alienware 13 R3 Notebook and besides certain Windows Updates - I am not aware on any driver changes or similar. I tried to delete the game from Steam and reinstall it without success. Other games are working fine (with audio). I also tried another notebook and this device has no such issues with AiportCEO.
Mixer settings are looking good, in the game the audio settings are not muted and volume level is at 55 %. Any suggestions, tips, ideas? Is there maybe some hotkey for muting sounds that I may have pressed by accident? Or is there a log file that could point me to the cause ?



In the Volume Mixer of windows (WIN+R, input “sndvol”), you can select several devices. On each device it is possible to mute a certain program. In the image below, you see I muted system sounds, this is device specific, if you have muted Airport CEO independantly in one of the devices installed (most likely the one you use for default), you do not have sound. Here you see I selected the “speakers” device.

If you open “control mmsys.cpl sounds” in RUN (WIN+R), and go to the PLAYBACK tab, do you see a sound-wave going in one of the other devices installed on your PC?

If you right click a playback device, you can set it to DEFAULT DEVICE, if you move your sound output to another output device on your laptop, while you have Airport CEO running, do you hear sounds from one of your other sound devices? Each device has a TEST option too; independent from setting your default device.

(In example; Twitter video’s refuse to play sound from any browser on my USB device).

In your device manager (WIN+R, devmgmt.msc), do you have any errors on your Audio inputs/outputs?

You can right click every one independently and click UPDATE drivers. When there is an update, it could fix the problem you are having.

When you have a surround system connected to your PC, but have not connected all boxes, it could be, sound is played over other boxes. In the software menu of your device supplyer, you should have a test-suite, to test each box independently in your chosen setup; here you could see boxes playing sound that you have not attached to your device.

In windows settings, Update and Security menu, there is a TAB called TROUBLESHOOT. In this tab there is a task called PLAYING audio. Run this one if you did not find the problem with the above suggestions.

I dont think the sound from Airport CEO does run over steam, but if it would be, here is the help section from Steam;



Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately all of them did not help. I found out that I have the same issue in some other games like Cities Skylines or MiniMetro. For Cities Skyline I found a log file with the following error during startup:
“FMOD failed to initialize the output device, attempting to initialize the null output.”

After googling that error message I found a Forum were people talked about that error in relation to Unity (Is “Unity” used for Airport CEO?) They turned on “immidiate mode” in
Sound/“PlaybackDevice”/Enhancements/. It was already active in my settings but switching it off and on again did the trick. Sound is back in Cities Skylines, Mini Metro and in Airport CEO.



Yes Unity is the engine used.

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