[Solved] Passengers not passing through security even though staffed and zoned properly

Been having this issue in my new airport. The security posts are staffed and the zoning seems correct (getting the green display of how many entries/exists I have). Arriving passengers can leave into the baggage claim.

Maybe related, I have also issues with the baggage loaders. No staff is present there even though all the zones are marked properly

I have uploaded the save file in case it helps


Welcome to the community. In your picture (can’t open up that save file today and look at it) but it looks like your checkpoints are now not staffed

They are. It is kinda hard to see, but there are security officers in them

Also you have 22 large security checkpoints?

Wait, you do realize that large security checkpoints need 5 security staff per thing right?
I would have gone with medium ones, because they are smaller and only need 4 people

Ah, thanks, I didnt know it takes 5 of them. That would explain why they are not operating. Thanks!

Ya so you would need 110 security staff to operate 22 large security checkpoints (Small security take 1 person per checkpoint (ppc for short) medium needs 4 ppc, and large needs 5 ppc)

Also no problem

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