[SOLVED] Ramp Agents not taking jobs

I currently have around 150 ramp agents , typically 90-100 ramp agent jobs are filled at any time. I therefore have 50-60 ramp agents not working at any given time.

Despite the number of ramp agents not doing anything I can have as many as 25-30 ramp agent jobs unfilled at certain times (mostly service rounds), this causes delays as service rounds aren’t done on time.

Am on Experimental branch

Do you use terminals? IF so make sure you have enough ramp agents assigned to the terminals where you have most delays. That’s my first thought.

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No terminals defined. It can’t be access either because all stands do get service rounds at times (but it’s often late)

Could you post a picture? Do you have remote stands ? Do you only have one or several terminal buildings?

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Found (but not solved) the problem. My new hires are simply standing around near the entrance to the airport. It’s not in a staff room, either just next to the subway exit or just inside the terminal building. Seems almost like those staff members have deadlocked (other staff and passengers are moving fine)

Reported as ACEO-37344

Please ignore ACEO-37336 that I submitted earlier, it doesn’t identify the problem correctly

Please also ignore the other report (ACEO-37344).

Turns out it was just a PEBCAK issue

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