[Solved] Remote GA Stand were not refilled


HI, Airline Ceo newbie from Tyrol

i have a major issue, for them im not finding an solotion, I made a Remote Stand for GA which have crossing Serive Roads, but the did not get refulling service, but i cant see why.
Can anyone give me a hint ?

here you can see a screenshot of the problem area



A screenshot would be helpful.


Stands have already their roads, you should connect them from the side, not from the top. Maybe this helps?

  • Are you having a trouble with a flight not getting serviced, or not getting the entire fuel service activated?
  • I am not seeing your fuel depot on your screenshot.
  • I’m also not seeing the warning sign used to indicate a vehicle can’t get there, so road connectivity might not be the problem.


I see where is problem. I was drawing with orange ink.

You needed build there where I draw, need to build not up road little bit for 2 blocks down.


Which spite packing those pieces of road won’t be visible.


Where I draw with orange ink.

(P.S My eanglish not the best and I can understand something incorrectly.)


Where the services roads cross that taxiways, that is how they should look. You English is good.


You can see in that what I got received. what is in circles in red ink.


Ah yes, I see what you mean. They have aligned the service road to the above service road, not the stand service road.


Yep thats true. Now you understanded that what I mean.


what should i build there ? service roads were not possible


Can you show us the vehicle gate?


sure, here it is, but i did not think there is an issue, cause the lower stands and medium stand were refilled normaly



The roads in red are not needed. They are just duplicating the roads the stands provide. The road in blue is a service road correct connected by to the gate?


yes, if you mean to a vehicle gate, as said here the fuel service works fine.


Concrete road should be a service road as far as I can tell from the screenshot. There are no missig road connection icons at the vehicle checkpoint, nor at the fuel tanks. Also there is no end of the road in the middle which would (imho) be a hint for an expansion of the service road with public roads accidentally.

My first try would be to remove all these parallel roads, but to be honest, it shouldn’t be a problem?

Other questions: Are there bought fuel trucks? Is there a contract with an fuel supplier? But this would be generic problems, and not only remote stand related.

edit2: Just to make sure … you did build the road pieces which are on the taxiing path itself? They are not shown anyway, but they are a must have.


yeah everything there, but i just recognize that only the GA SLots were not refulled, the commercial fligts at the small stand got the refulling :smiley:

so think also the upper/remote stand should work, but now is the question why ga ist not get the good stuff :smiley:


GA need AvGas, Commercial need JetA1 … you need other fuel trucks and tanks for GA.

edit: You’ve already got the tanks, do you have the specific trucks? Is it enabled in the main airport control window (don’t know it’s correct name)?


go to operations see if avgas is enabled.