[Solved] Stuck at loading screen - Mac


Well, it’s using your 750M so that’s a good positive. Can you see if it’s giving any errors?


Hi sorry about this, the log looks normal to me. Is this a brand new game or are you loading a save?


It’s a brand new game, they have purchased about an hour ago.


Okay, strange. Maybe do a full re-install and restart of the computer?


Hi, Have done this already to no success.

Could it be just down to slow loading? Should i be waiting longer than 10 mins for game to load up?


No, even on a large build I’ve never known it take more than a minute.


Try restarting your machine in safe mode and then a reboot after that.


Okay, no a new game should not take more that 1-2 minutes to load, probably quicker. The output_log.txt that you displayed, was it generated directly after the game froze?

Also do you see any other log like ACEO_issue_log?

I know you are on a Mac but on Windows I can retrieve two logs as per below:

@Rubble Do you know if the issue log can be found in the same location on Mac?


Cannot find my output_log


@josephcd19 Can you find and post the ACEO_issue_log.txt by following Rubbles path? I suspect the issue is logged there.


Hi both,

thanks for sticking with this for me, I’ve just updated my OS and the game now loads up in about 2 seconds :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, let me know if you want any diagnostics for records, Im on MacOS Sierra 10.12 Beta .



No worries and pleased to hear you’ve got it working. Enjoy. Just been an update on the EXP branch too :slight_smile:


Awesome! Great to hear! :slight_smile: I will remember that if we get any similar issues in the future.

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