Some ideas for this game


Hi guys,
I want offer some ideas for this game:

  1. Remote stands for small/medium a/c without pushback. For example, in Minsk airport we have stands between taxiways M and R (stands 19-27). A/c can go to this stand on self-power and leave this stands on self-power (pushback doesn’t need). This stands can be used by small commercial planes, also as medium planes.
  2. Warehouse for cargo flights. I think, that we’ll be interesting to see in this game freighters (types Antonov An-26, Saab 340 Freighter, etc.). For commercial cargo aviation we need to build warehouse, were cargo will be secured and stored for a short time (security zone), place for unloading from trucks (non-security zone), as well as special stands for cargo aircrafts.
  3. Include in game custom and border control for arrival and departure passengers. In future (I hope), you will done possibility to use 2+ floors to separate arrival and departure sectors. In this case, player will have more place for all required structure for international airport.
  4. And the last things: request for technical landings at airport for refueling. In this case, player receive request with information: a/c type, schedule for arrive and depart. After that, player check available stands according with requested schedule and give reply: Accept flight or reject it. Or, it can be done in auto mode, if you have a staff for it.

That’s all. At this moment :slight_smile:

Minsk parking stands:


I strongly support point 1. We had a bug(?) recently when small a/c was entering the medium stand… This should be something normal as well, right? So stands in general could get some refresh (taxi in-out without pushback + smaller aircrafts), especially since we have the remote stands now.


Yes, I had this bug too.
In real airport (I called Minsk airport as example), we have a remote stands, with can be used by medium a/c (Boeing, ATR) without pushback. In this case, this stands can be used by small and medium commercial a/c (not GA). It works only for remote stands, for stands near terminals. it can’t be applyed due to some restrictions for wingspan. For example, we’ll able to choose in stand settings which a/c types can use it (as we do it now for GA or/and commercial aviation)


You have some nice ideas there! :slight_smile:

  1. Would be cool to see, but shouldn’t be a priority for a while - lots of other things should be implemented first.

  2. This has been discussed a lot - dig your teeth in!

  1. Both of these have been discussed - with multiple floors being developed as we speak! Check these out:

  1. I don’t know if I agree with this. Although it is an interesting idea, I don’t think it would add a lot to gameplay considering refuel stops are usually not requested within the few hours before the flight is wanting to land, so it would be very similar to current scheduling.

Well, there you go. It is worth noting that the forum has a lot - and I mean a lot - of threads, so it’s always useful to search about for the feature that is on your mind. :slight_smile:

Keep the good ideas rolling in though! :grinning:


Yeah, my fail. I wrote post before find similar ideas :slight_smile:

All ideas not for now, but in future it may be interesting.