Sorry if i was so creepy(pics of dev)


I recently found a pic of fredrik and post it at a thread,when the threat begined i thougt that we are digging their personal life,but then i saw that the thread was still open so i thought it isnt such a big deal for the devs but they were enjoying it too,so i looked and i found a pic so i post it,and i wrote “its a matter of time olof” i didnt mean something wrong i would not even dig into it more i just wrote it for fun not to creep or offend anyone,i apologise if i creeped or dig at your personal life so much.btw i found it at facebook (fredrik’s question)


Then maybe you should take out your picture :grin:


It’s okay Arthur, we know you don’t mean anything by it :slight_smile:

And i should have closed the thread earlier:)