Staff “Empty” job task, airport stops functioning

I have had this problem come up at some point in nearly every airport I’ve played: at some point during gameplay, all my staff end up with a job task that says “Empty” and my airport grinds to a halt. For example, I will have a fully staffed security station but the station will read “this checkpoint is not operated” because the staff assigned to it have no job task assigned to them, or passengers will simply stop boarding a flight because the service agents manning the boarding desk stop performing their jobs. It seems like this might happen after loading a save file but I’m not sure. I have tried several remedies:

  1. Using the debug screen to clear all job tasks and/or regenerate continuous job tasks. This sometimes works but only after restarting the game. It usually does not work.

  2. Firing “Empty” staff and rehiring new staff. New staff seem to acquire the same empty status.

I am at my wits end with this because after committing hours and hours to a build, the airport will just stop functioning. I’m surprise that I haven’t been able to find any other posts on this forum about this problem because I’ve run into it nearly every single time! I would love to know what is causing it and/or how to fix it. Thanks.

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Sounds strange indeed, I’ve seen a few bug reports on it but have failed to be able to reproduce it. What I think is that it happens to only a very, very low fraction of people but for those few it happens a lot. If we have a rolling discussion here on it I might be able to drill down to the problem.

Is it just your employees that are grinding to a halt or is passengers as well? Have you sent in a bug report on this and if so can you give me the number?

Not seen a post on it earlier indeed, or at least not with a similar description, could well be that people have the same issue but don’t know where it comes from. To get a bit more background that could potentially help the devs and others, what kind of system do you use to play the game (PC / Mac)? Can you give some specs (OS / CPU / Memory / Etc)? Which version of the game and on which branch are you playing (Experimental or Main)?

I will keep an eye out on my plays as well to see if this happens on employees.


It seems to be just the employees, but passengers also stop moving because their security checkpoint is stopped or they are boarding desk is stopped. They definitely do not wander aimlessly though. I will file a bug report and let you know what number it is!

This happened to me again yesterday in a fairly large airport that I had been playing with, and the problem resolved itself after a few restarts. (Which is frustrating because large airports take so long to load:rofl:) but simply restarting doesn’t seem to be a reliable solution. Thanks for your attention!

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I am playing on a Mac, an iMac Pro. It has 32 GB RAM and an 8-core Xeon processor. I’m on the latest Alpha (32.1 I believe?) on the main/stable branch. Thanks!

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As a first stage I would recommend upgrading to experimental, it’s currently a lot more stable. It should be Alpha 32.12-0 as the latest version. 32.1 is heavily outdated, unless you meant 32.10?

Hi Olof,

Yes, I meant 32.10, sorry. I have updated to 32.12-0 on the experimental branch, per your suggestion. I have a question though:

If I file a bug report, does it need to be from within the active buggy game/save? If so, I will file it the next time the problem arises. If not, I can submit one from a new save file right away.

In the meantime, here’s some shots from last time.

Yeah, it needs to be from when everything happens. Since it’s such a rare occurring problem, I need to look at the data that gets passed along with the bug report.

I was able to get the bug report. ACEO-17170.

Something that might matter: I have been playing with “Simulate Construction” off, and it definitely seems like the bug arises when loading a save.

Thanks again.

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Awesome. I will look at this starting next week (working remotely today unfortunately).

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