Staff Energy Levels- More control of breaks/home time

Hey I’m Joe, new to this game since lockdown.
Since downloading the game I have seen so many game ending bugs that means you can’t go any further. Annoying right!

That aside I decided to look at how the staff act in a 3 small stand commercial airport. I monitored the energy levels of my security and they never seemed to rest. I had 3x the required amount in the hope they would rest in their breaks. Is this why staff stop working and ruin the game. Most annoying is when ramp agents stop. Would be cool to here any ideas to improve this.

Ps. I have made specific staff rooms near their stations. I would like more control of staff commands. So being able to assign breaks and home time in a staff rota?

Cheers guys

Alpha 35 seems to have fixed this and manages energy much better.