Staff friendliness rating

My staff rating is stuck at 33%. I have all of passenger service agents max trained and working the shortest possible shifts. Am I doing something wrong or is there some kind of problem in the way the rating is calculated?

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Do you have separated toilet rooms for Staff Only?

And separated toilets for Executives?

Do you have vending machines in staff rooms?

Do your staff rooms have ample seats of high quality and plants?

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Yes to all four. Staff are v well rested and have their needs met

How is your staff feeling? They might work the shortest shifts but time isn’t everything, are they happy and well rested?

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Yes they are. Needs are well met, productivity is also very high. I’ve read somewhere that automation might be holding it back, is that possibly the reason, and if so why does automated check-in/boarding hold the staff friendliness rating back so much?

That was a bug from back in the day that we’ve patched, pax love not having to deal with humans and will rate all automated interactions 100%. Can you bug report your save so that I can have a look at it?

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Submitted a report (ACEO-37487).

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Took a look at it now, incorrectly passengers do take franchise staff behavior into the rating which you cannot affect so that is fixed, but I also saw that your security staff for example do not seem to have access to toilets and seems to be a bit tired.


Ah ok. It is worth pointing out that the mouseover tooltip for staff friendliness only mentions Passenger Service Agents.

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Good point! I’ve fixed that.

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Since tooltips are mentioned here, there are a lot of tooltips, not disappearing after the “hover” moment is over.

Has this gone live on the experimental branch?

Yes! :slight_smile:

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I’m still not able to get my staff rating above 33% (not even to 34). Don’t know if that’s because there’s still a bug or just that the new ratings mechanic (ignore franchise staff) hasn’t transferred properly to airports that were running in 3.3-4.