Staff Go Home



Currently if you do not have night flights active the staff return to a staff room (if you have one) and wait until they are needed for the morning flight, would it not make more sense for them to go home at the end of the night and return in the morning.

Why it should be implemented:

Realism, staff dont live at the airport once they are hired


I agree. That would be great. Maybe adding shifts would even be better. When staff shift ends, they go home and the next shift arrives at the airport



Shifts kind of exist in the current game, with rotational changeover (if you have enough staff) but this could be fleshed out some more, however the staff leaving the airport overnight as well as taking those staff away from pathfinding makes the working patterns more realistic


Definitely, I feel that part of managing a big(ger) airport is people flow, both passenger And staff.

I have another post somewhere detailing what kind of staff and what they would bring to the table.
And with multi level terminals, it means you could actually house those staff without needing a bigger map


Lots of good idea’s being brought here. Keep up the good work.


A, more could be done that at 4 o’clock of work they made a break to go to the restroom or vending machines. And when there was no work, in the staff room.
But, also, I love your idea.