Staff names


Hi everybody,

I would like to add some more staff names for new applicants, but what I am doing right now does not seem to work.

I thought it would be a simple matter of editing “PersonNames.json” file and adding whatever I need in a correct format, but it does not work.

What is more, removing this file altogether does nothing either! The game proceeds to work normally with default names.

Is there anybody more knowledgeable who can help on this?


Hi and welcome to the forums.

That’s exactly the same way I would have tried I’ll be honest.

Did you try editing the name list before you started a game? It could be the names are read into the game at the creation of the game world and continue from there. There’s also quite a lot of names in that list. Have you tried just making your own custom ones and starting a new game from there?

Be very interested to hear how you get on with this as it’s something I’ve considered myself. :grinning:


Hi and thanks for the welcome.

I have added 200+ names - I think I would have noticed a change.

That being said, I have tried what you mentioned and more…

Relaunching the game, old save, new save, removing all mods etc.

In my desperation, I have literally removed the .json file before launching the game and nothing happened - default names are still active.

I think the issue is somewhere else. There is one more thing to try, though - reinstall.


Ok, reinstall did nothing.

Funny enough, removing Airport, Continent or Country data from JSON folder prevents the game from loading the world, but removing PersonNames.json or Glossaries.json has no effect on the game whatsoever - both work (in their default state).

Can anybody shed light on this? Or maybe anybody knows what is the point of having PersonNames.json and Glossaries.json there if they are clearly not sourced from JSON folder?


Wow you’ve been thorough. Given what you’ve gone through I think a reply from one of the devs will only shed light on the situation now.

I know I would have tried exactly like you did.


I am starting to think this is currently hard-coded into the game resources and PersonNames file is there for future use. Especially since API structure seems very modest in comparison to the “game-breaking” files.

I have no idea why would you do the same with Glossaries though - it makes little sense to me.

Oh well… I guess I need to hope devs @olof @fredrik spot this topic then and would be willing to reply