Staffroom - Staff members go to the oldest room built


Hi all, I am facing this situation that is causing major delays in very big terminals.
When trying to restrict staffrooms to certain kinds of staff (e.g. airport staff) they are always going to the oldest room built.
Say I have my staff that need to perform boarding, they go for the long walk coming from the first staff room built (outside secure zone, and after boarding is completed they go back to that distant room, even if I build a new one near to task zone). If I build a new one near to the boarding gates, they keep ignoring it until i restrict access to all the remaining rooms.

May I suggest to segregate rooms based on the current task and zone assigned? That is, if my current shift/task is for boarding gate, i will first look for a staff room in the secure area (and viceversa).
This would be a quick fix waiting for the possibility to assign specific tasks/room to rest in.



Welcome to the ACEO forum, Lorenzo. I am just guessing… :face_with_monocle:
Perhaps the new staff room directly connected to the secure zone is not zoned as secure itself?
Or just the little floor space beneath the door connecting it to the secure zone is not zoned as secure?
Hope that helps…
[EDIT] Oh, I just realized that they use it when you restrict access to the other staff rooms. Then it’s not a zoning issue I guess, sorry. I just wondered, because my staff is using the new rooms closer to their assigned jobs, while they could still use the old one, that is further away. So, it’s not a standard issue with the game…


Hey! What game version are you playing on?


Hi Olof, it is 30.1.9 but suddenly it started working :slight_smile:

Thank you

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Sometimes I just need to show my presence it seems… let me know if it stops working! :slight_smile:

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