Stand says not functional even though its connected to runway?

I have 12 stands that currently are just for GA as I build up my airport. However, one stand appears to show the non-functional icon but when I click on it everything seems fine. I’ve deleted it and reconstructed it and it always happens. Aircraft are still using the stand even with the non-functional symbol displaying. Any idea how I can stop this?

This is a known issue which is difficult to find the origins of… the stand is most likely fine, it’s simply the icon that’s not been removed correctly. I am currently investigating this issue.


It’s not the only icon that doesn’t want to disappear when cleared. The icon for a plane not finding a path from hangar to runway also doesn’t resolve after fixing the path untill a save and reload.

I have had this too, and it is anyoing and confusing too

Thanks for the replies guys,

I feel happier knowing its being looked into.

I’ve sent in ACEO-35565 on this for closer look. If you want to recreate on the save you’ll have to make the path next to deicing one way from runway to the stands again, and wait for a plane to want to go from the hangar to the runway, as flights leaving the stand do take the deicing path for taxxiiing and the planes coming out of the hangars don’t…

I’m not sure I follow, I think it would be easier if you send in a bug report with it in its broken state rather than having me recreate it per your description. It’s always as risk that I don’t get it 100 percent broken which will lead to me not being able to recreate the bug… :stuck_out_tongue: