Stand Sizes, Classification and Upgrades


Hi guys,

sorry if this has already been put into the feature voting. I looked further but wasn’t able to find anything except this thread.

Has there been any developments since June on this topic? It bothers me a bit to have a CRj 200 or an ATR72 using a medium stand with a jetbridge.

I propose a quick fix to change the settings for the ATR42/72 and the CRj 200 to be using the small stand until the developers have decided if there are going to be a Smedium stand (I like that word creation :smiley:).


The air bridge is being made optional on the medium stands and a stair truck is being released with this development. With this there may be a change to which planes use which boarding method


The air bridge is being made optional on the medium stands

What I’ve read is that the medium stands are being made more flexible to be used as a remote stand, but not yet read that the air bridge will be optional. Would be cool though :wink:


Jetways can be removed in the next update, which will trigger a stair truck job for all medium aircraft as they occupy a stand. The stand does not have to be remote for that, so you’ll be able to have a non-remote medium stand with stair trucks.

Prior to the deployment we’ll also be implementing stand-assigned vehicles (it’s all in the trello) which should further enhance the realism. Granted, some ATR and even CRJs are fitted with a stair of their own but we won’t simulate that at this point - so small aircraft will board via the ground and medium aircraft will, if no jetway is present, require a stair truck. Remote stands will automatically have their jetway removed.

All of this is implemented and being tested, currently working on a solution to simulate ramp agents getting to a remote stand and will then look into stand-assigned vehicles. When all of those tickets are finished we’ll deploy the next update.


Thanks @Olof. You guys really do a very good job! Have participated in various early-stage games and must say that what I like about AirportCEO so far is that you present new features rather quickly. Thumbs up!


Cool, thanks! Was not clear yet to me that the air bridge is optional, thanks for the explanation. Looking forward to the update!


The stand does not have to be remote for that, so you’ll be able to have a non-remote medium stand with stair trucks.

If anyone didn’t get, this is the IRL example of it:

Can’t wait to test remote stands feature :heart_eyes:


Thanks olof, noticed the new vehicle types in the vehicle section (Excited)

Can you also set it, so the back left rear door also has steps truck come to each medium aircraft, (Jetty or no jetty) for servicing requirements.

Cleaners will require this :slight_smile:


I’d like to restart this conversation well before the next feature voting round. My hope would be that we have a discussion in the comments here and then update the OP to reflect a singular and specific implementation for people to vote on.

I personally am in favor of an eventual six size system: Small, Sub-Medium, Medium, Sub-Large, Large, Extra Large.


  1. Small: Exists already, necessary for GA in early game, a given if the early game is going to stick around as is, and I do think it should.
  2. Sub-Medium The thing about smalls is that they are really small. On the order of 4 PAX/Plane. Its hard to build up a bustling small stand airport. The current early game really drags on a while while you save up a massive amount of money to buy land and build longer runways. When you finally have your first medium land with over 100 PAX, all of your systems are completly shocked trying to accommodate.
  3. Medium Exists already. The 737 and A320 families exist. Enough said.
  4. Sub-Large Big planes get dimensionally huge in a hurry. A 757 doesn’t really fit on a medium stand, but would be dwarfed by a stand made for a 777. These are the extremes on this spectrum, but I really can’t see a way to bridge this gap without an intermediate stand type
  5. Large Everybody loves big wide-body jets. Apparently. I guess.
  6. Extra Large Making the Large class big enough to accommodate a 747 or A380 really wastes resources when a measly 787 parks there, but the jumbos ought be pretty rare.


  1. Small: Not economically relevant past the early game.
  2. Sub-Medium technically the game functions fine without.
  3. Medium There’s honestly no justification for not including this size stand in a game about building major airports and I don’t know how to argue against its implementation.
  4. Sub-Large Superfluous if some planes are allowed to be awkwardly big on the mediums/ awkwardly small on larges.
  5. Large Out of game scope
  6. Extra Large A whole size class devoted to two rareish aircraft is potentially effort better spent elsewhere.

Scope of this thread:

Ultimatly its PicScroll’s call about what the scope of what we’re voting for here is. I think that voting for sub-mediums now should be one thread, and the three further classes should be another. These are obviously related though, so one could argue either way.

There are also a multitude of stand-related-things that one could suggest here. I like conciseness but discussion is good.


I like the variety, but just out of curiosity a question to the people who work at an airport; How many stand sizes are there actually on a real airport? Is there as much variety in stands as displayed here?

For GA it would also be cool to allocate an area/zone on grass/asphalt/concrete as GA parking place instead of a stand.



I believe there are six classes based on wingspan. I posted a link somewhere in another thread. I did it out an add it here.


There is even more variety. You may have MARS stands for example, where you could either park two 737 or one 747.


I honestly think that this is the most practical idea for stand sizes - given that there are officially 6 classes of aircraft, this makes a lot of sense…


Maybe there could be a GA zone you can designate for MAX capacity? Functions like a room with aircraft slots rather than items and has to be a certain size.


Rimworld is a colony survival management game. There are beds, which cost time and resources to build. There are also sleeping sports, which are a non-physical designation of “sleep on this patch of ground”. Colonist take a penalty from sleeping on sleeping sports, but it gets the job done if you can’t have (enough) beds for whatever reason.

Airport CEO could have stands as they are implemented now, and also have “parking zones” or whatever you want to call them, that are non-physical free to place designations for “park airplane here”, with associated penalties for lack of infrastructure.


As long as a poison ship doesnt land we should be safe for now.


There’s talk of remote stands being set up for use like that.


I love the idea and all the sizes and prices of the stands seem ideal, I hope that this is the future of the stands. I look forward to when, in the future, an Airbus A-380 will be implemented (2950m to take off and 2050m to land, 525 passengers, 79,5m x 72,72m …), this plane is amazing.
But considering that 1tile = 4m, should I not make 20 tiles the stand F?


Having experimented with A380s 16ish square stands should work with them. Give or take wiggle room and artistic licence. If you want to see what I mean just do some searching for a380, a couple have been made on the modding side in addition to the 777 series and 747-400 I’ve experimented with too.


I think it would be a cool feature to have a Xtralarge gate for the SuperHeavy class, and the possibility to use that xtra large stand as two medium planes or 3 small planes.