Stand Sizes, Classification and Upgrades


In i am from Africa, and due to the nature of my work, i have traveled to many Central/ Eastern and Southern African counties. Just yesterday i was in Angola where, when i went there, flewq in their TAAG 777-300ER and coming back TAAG 777-200ER. The Angolan (14th February) airport, surprisingly, was servicing many large aircraft, 340’s 777 from Air France and others. TAAG themselves have about 12 777 if i recall correctly.

Long and short - All their stands are remote. They do not make use of any push back truck. The planes park in a about 30 degree angel to the terminal building and when they leave, they move toward the terminal building and taxi past between the terminal building and the other parked planes. Madagascar airport is the same, and so are many others.

My request is that we have a similar stand to that of the small aircraft, a slight angle, for large and medium aircraft, but that,w hen the plane is done, the plane can just move forward, so it requires a taxiway in and out.

My TAAG 777-300 ER

Angola Luanda Airport

TAP Portugal A340 witt another TAAG 777-200 in the hanger - with the wingtip of the 777-200 I was in heading home!

All the ground vehicles around the 777 - It had a front and back stairs truck)

Think this could work really well for initial start airports. These stands may even be cheaper maybe?


I want this!


I do not recall when or which discussion this was on, but I explained thurorly how instead of having stand sizes. You would have a taxiway like click and drag. Each aircraft will have a minimum stand size, meaning you can have a stand big enough to have an 767.

For example. You could build a 10 width x 8 height stand to service a 737-600 but you will need to expand to 10x10 for the 737-800. So stands are not restricted by the 4 types or how many end up in the game.