Steam Awards - Vote for Airport CEO and Apoapsis Studio


Steam started The Steam Awards so we can now vote for Airport CEO to make it Game of the Year!! :partying_face:
If you follow this link you can place a vote for ACEO.


Hi, Have you nominated for the Steam Arwards for Best Developers :+1:


If that would have been possible I would certainly have done that, but unfortunately that option was not in the list… :cry:


Have you searched for apoapsis Studios ?


Yups, done that and then there is an option to vote for developer indeed, search for apo and you will see them.

Now nominated for:

The “Game of the Year” Award
The “Best Developer” Award


For some reason it won’t let me do both “GOTY” and “LoL” dang it.


Nominated for the Game of the Year”
and the “Best Developer” award.


Thanks guys! Appreciate your votes :heart_eyes:


I have nominated you as game of the year. :wink:


Sorry guys, no GotY nomination by me. AirportCEO is just not that far yet.

I nominated for the “Best Developer” award though. You really deserve this one.