Steam Direct is out


Hello guys, seems Steam Direct is finally out


Seems like the 30 wait delay for the first release is confirmed…They also mention that the “coming soon” page has to exist for at least to weeks prior release, hope that it can be done while you wait for the 30 days, cause otherwise this is going to take forever.


You do wonder if having the active Greenlight page goes in the game’s favour. Whilst Apoapsis haven’t released a game yet, the level of professionalism demonstrated in the Greenlight stage may well oil the wheels a bit. Ultimately, Valve want to make money and they won’t make money if they don’t release games for a month, so perhaps there’s scope for things to go quicker than we’d think


Well if they approach Steam even today/tomorrow its still those 30 days that even without it, i dont believe game would be released within these 30 days


Just looking through the announcements page, I have a feeling the game itself wont be released till Sept 1st. Just a coincidence maybe?


lol nice catch


I suppose that this is just a back-end requirement to get the Roadmap working. (


We are of course aware of the fact that Steam Direct is out now. We’re reading through all the documentation right now and are preparing for the signing process, I think we’ll hold off just a few days to let the platform settle in but we’ll let you know once we’ve made tje submission!

By the way, I’m writing this from a B737-800 (Norwegian) currently cruising at 10000 meters. Gotta say the forum performs pretty well even from this altitude! :grinning:

Edit: Yes, the september date has nothing to do with any actual release. It’s a requirement from the back-end.


I do hope you are cruising at 10.000 meters, at 10.000 feet you would get some serious noise complaints from people on the ground :sweat_smile:


According to Eurogamer(link below), the majority of steam greenlight games that were in the process were bulk approved. Only those with major concerns or low votes were not. Given the Steam stats the developers revealed for Airport CEO I wonder if the game was far enough in the process for it to have been approved? It did have a greenlight concept page.


This date was set just to get the timeline plugin working correctly on the website. It requires a date to be able to sort in the right order. It is not an official release date. We are still keeping that to ourselves until we have successfully been accepted by Steam.


Don’t know what you’re talking about, it said meters all the time… :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


Oh no you didn’t!


Figured I’d post this question here instead of the Twitter post/topic. I read steam direct is a 30 day waiting period but then read on a more recent post by steam that new games would need a day or two to be evaluated by steam. Anyone know if I Am missing something or has something changed?


They have a 30 day curation time when working with new developers, to check our credentials and stuff to make sure that we’re not frauds or scammers. The two days for evaluating the game is when we send them a copy of the latest build and they give it a go to verify that it matches the product we are posing. The validation of two days can probably, not sure yet, take place within those 30 days.


Ah. Thanks for the clarification! Are you and Fredrik excited?


Actually looking like it is the date, see my last post on the devlog 77 post. They are doing part 5 still, and almost done with 6 part 1, but part 2 has not started. Add 2 weeks to whenever that happens, now that puts it at least mid August…


Seeing the title of this topic on the homepage just gave me an heart attack… :stuck_out_tongue:


same here :smiley:


Seeing the title of this topic on the homepage just gave me an heart attack… :stuck_out_tongue:

So I wasn’t the only one :smiley: