Steam Not Recognize Installed Game!

Hello Friends,

I am having a serious issue recently. Most of the time I play games by installing games from Steam. And yesterday when I was going to play “Dota 2”, Steam saying this game is not installed. I am utterly confused what to do? Any suggestion if possible.

After searching around I found this post. I am quite confused about whether the solution will work. Any idea, if it is possible.

Hello and welcome

Have you just created an account here because of Dota 2 installation problems? These are the forums for Airport CEO, a completely different game by a different developer. :wink:

I would say, uninstall the game and reinstall it. At the installation you can choose a directoy, in that case may choose a different one.

Otherwise may it makes more sense to ask your question in the Dota 2 or the Steam forums.