Steam store curator


A steam curator has given ACEO great praise for how it looks! It’s getting exciting! Can’t wait to play!


Oooo the hype continues to grow! -Yes; I just checked the page to see if there was a price yet. Not yet-


Do you have a link?



Great to see with the amount of hours they put in and this wasn’t even their main job along with juggling personal lives! They will be greatly rewarded when they press the release button :slight_smile: I can’t wait!


He hasn’t played it right? So it’s kinda fake? I thought curators are reviewers.

But… He has 9 followers… So it’s nothing.


May look somewhat impressive to the casual observer though. It’s all publicity.


Did anyone click the link for that curator? He looks like he’s 12 and scrolling down, reading some of his stuff…yikes.


Yeah he is just a normal guy… Not at all popular.


Well… good comment is a good comment :slight_smile:


I will give 1000s of good comment abt ACEO… Will anyone give a shit?? Unless I have 100+ subs.