Strange AI behaviour, allocating employees to terminals

Hi All,
I have an airport that works perfectly, with GA, Small and Medium aircrafts.
GA and Smal are Teminal 1, Medium Terminal 2.
At this stage, the button “Automatically allocate employees to a terminal on arrival” is ON.

When building Terminal 3 for the Large aircrafts, and after defining this area as Terminal 3 (while the workers are finishing it), the AI suddently sends a large number of employees to it, totally screwing the operations in terminals 1 and 2 (which then totally lack the necessary personal, therefore putting a stop to perfectly well going operations.

Clicking on an employee does not allow it to be assigned to a specific terminal, neiter is this an option when hiring that employee (a feature that would be good, I think). So setting the “Automatically allocate employees to a terminal on arrival” button OFF does not help :0)

So, questions:

  • At what time do you folks define a new terminal ? When it is totally built, when it is beein constructed, other ?
  • Did you findemphasized text any mean to force AI allocating the employees where you need them ?

Thanks for your time :0)

Ideally you would define the terminal area ahead of bringing any flights to the stands intended to be part of that terminal, otherwise it doesn’t matter.

I am not sure exactly what you mean here, we don’t have any AI allocation but instead it simply tries to distribute the employees as evenly as possible amongst the different terminals.

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Thanks Olof.
If you try to distribute evenly, then I see where the problem is.

For the future, it would be good to be able to individually allocate employees to a given terminal.
In my last airport, I have a total of 711 employees… For 24 GA, 24 Small, 20 Medium, and 16 Large aircrafts’ places… out of which at least 200 are useless, and should be fired.

Only that… I cannot do it “blindly” :0)

BTW, is there any place in this forum where you can place suggestions ? I did not find it yet :0) And there are quite a few things that “drive me crazy” in the game, but I guess you must receive tons of these.

Thanks for your time :0)

Press T to activate the terminal overlay. There you can click on the Staff and Vehicle Icon to set a specific number of staff/cars to the terminal.
That’s the way how you can manage this manually.

The autoamted equal split is when you hire new staff.

There is a feature voting section: Feature voting - Airport CEO Forum

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Ah, thanks no-fun, I did not now about this way to handle it :0)

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Weel, this solves indeed the problem, thanks again.

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