Streets on different levels

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Streets on different levels


As you can see at different airports there are streets on different levels. In the Game the Streets are based on level one and via tunnel on -1. But on different airports there are Streets on level 2 as well for departure and on level 1 (ground level) for arrival. You could implement ramps or stuff like that. I’d love to see this feature implemented or at first discussed in the community.

Why it should be implemented:

It should be implemented for further layout options and a unique gameplay. I’d love to build my airport on different levels but not only the terminal but also the streets on ground level and level 2. I hope I was able to describe my wish with my not-so-good english

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Another step towards making Kai Tak

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this would be good as there could be 2 floors 1 for drop off the other for pick up (like in Manchester I believe) and this could mean bridges

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I second this, Ramps up to floor 1 and 2 above ground streets!!!

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St.Louis has the best drop off/boarding system.

in some places like singpore or other country they might place drop off in basement or above arrivals
however very rare to have drop and pickup on same level - this usually found in smaller airports such birmgham which has same level drop and pickup lanes and isle of man has pickup and drop off on same lane (inner lane closet to building)
some dont have direct drop and pick up - they might use car park instead for drop and pickup

this would be great, would be a lot easier to make airports IRL.