Stuck in loading

Hello. I am playing on experimental.

About 8 of 10 times when I try to load my airport it stops loading at “loading agents” And I have tried waiting to see if it’s just a “heavy” part, but usually it’s really fast. So after waiting at most 5 mins. But usually after 1-2 mins I cancel the process and try again. Usually it takes a few tries before I get in the game.

Does anyone else experience the same?

Any game nowadays I usually go get a beverage while the game or a save is loading. It’s usually safe to do so, if the game starts up paused, as ACEO does.

Yeah, I usually do that too. But if ACEO get stuck at “Loading Agents” It’s stuck. The longest I waited for tonight was for 10 minutes. It’s not gonna load if it gets stuck.