Suggestion: Allow reassigning stands/desks/bays if connected to a second entity that can do the job instead

As my topic says. I would like to remove the necessity of closing stands only to reconnect a boarding desk or other things like remote bus stands after airport restructuring. Connect a stand to 2 boarding desks and be able to disconnect one to do as we please with it while operations go on without causing a hiccup in contracts because we closed something vital. We only need to build a proxy desk or duplicate of the thing we want to change and keep it connected to temporarily connect the stand we want to change and we are good.


This has been suggested many times and would be most welcome I agree.

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I have modified my topic. It should be able to swap assignments generally. Want to edit a stand but cannot, because of incoming flights? Reassign that flights to a second stand with no job or being labeled as ‘reserve’
Edit a desk but cannot because of a flight? Connect a second one to stand and let it do the job and free up the other. Generally, you should be able to reconnect anything as long there is an identical item available to do the job instead.

@moderators: maybe move this to feature voting

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I really think that this idea has merit, maybe we could assign certain desks and stands as ‘overflow’ or ‘reserve’ and use them as fallback if for example, late pushback would mean an incoming flight can’t land.

True. But I think the greatest part still is that we could make changes on the fly without the need to cancel flights or closing runways or stands. I see the possibility of handling delayed flights as well - this is something we definitively need.

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