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Bombardier CS300 - brand new A/C


I would love to edit the first post and replace a big chunk of the long list of post 1 of this (new) thread because in the following link I have made a rather detailed list on “Airport Requirements” for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, (McDonnell) Douglas, Embraer and am now progressing to get the hard-to-find qualified data on ATR, BAE, Saab, Fokker and Russian models.

The link gets you to an excel table listing the major planes flying nowadays or in the recent years of the big airplane manufacturers as above. This list originated from the will to make a list expanding the idea I had in the first posting. It did quite develope, I find.


You will find tabs for each manufacturer and an “others” category stating the type specific data. More important are the last three tabs stating the “rules” of how planes are being categorized. ICAO Annex 14 is the base to set up aircraft boxes (for parking and gate space etc). That’s where this whole thing started off from.

I uploaded for everyone who is interested in such stuff, just like me, can have an idea of what’s what. All data is qualified and taken from qualified material. Links you find in the excel table lead to some of my source material.


That said, if anyone has links to share or has any info material which can help get information on Field Lengths/Actual Landing or Take-Off Distance, Range/Payload Tables, please do. Even if you are not sure if it is what I search for, I’ll see if I can pull out some data. Would be much appreciated. :smiley:
(this isn’t the only excel table I work on ;))


OMG…Really Huge… How many days did it take you to make it. And I want to know where u work. Please.


Great job
Thx a lot :smiley:


:joy: This all-new second version I’ve started late November after I felt there must be something regulated and then I found Annex 14 and since I worked only like 3 or 5 hours a week, average. Not too much. :smiley:
Highspeed internet and two screens help the workflow a lot, tho.

I work in the tourism industry for one of the large tour operators (hint: :yellow_heart:) in Europe. Not so much aviation related as you might hoped for… :smiley: But eventually I’d like to switch to aeronautic engineering. :airplane:


You work in Thomas Cook, Interesting.


Very impressive list.


Wonder if you could set up like… A google poll or something based on that spreadsheet where people can rank the aircraft they want in the game in the order they want them. That way the devs can see what the most popular aircraft are because one presumes they’re not going to add every single one of them to the game.

Maybe if you and the devs collaborate you can make a pinned pick your favourite aircraft post so it gets a lot of traffic. Obviously you could either list from 1-100 your favourite aircraft or some people might just want to pick one or two that they want to see in the game.

That way the aircraft people want can be in the game, although i’m sure the Devs have their own specific plans on what to add hence there only being three options in the polls.


Cool… How would the ranking work?? We can vote only one plane or we will be able to give ‘likes’ to many planes. It would be better if we could vote for more than 1 aircraft and give likes. The planes would be ranked on no of likes. And different rank lists would be there for different aircraft types (small,medium,heavy,etc.) And also we will need to put pics of those planes for the voter to see them.

It would also make the work easier for devs.
So in this way ‘small’ planes will have different rank list and other categories will have different. If the devs chose to implement some small plane…They could simply refer to the rank list. And remove the plane from the list.


If it were up to me then the rankings would be in single transferable vote style…


You didn’t include fokker aircraft


Because I am not that far yet and information is sparse here. :hushed:


NO problemen, it’s still incredible​:grinning::grinning:


@Olof and @Fredrik, I don’t think you would need planes such as a C208 at any commercial airport, even small ones. Try focusing on CRJs, DH8s and ERJs. As for A320s and 737s, despite being similar planes, they should both be in the game. On to Douglas dc-3s ad older planes, they shouldn’t be in the game as they are retired. @alpha, great thread idea!


Ryan…Why can’t we have retired planes. They should be there as they are legends.

And devs, will we able to add our own planes made by us through mods??


Smaller commercial airports and those with short landing strips are highly likely to operate the Grand Caravan and there are 2500 of them built which is only about 4 times less than the 737 which is the most popular commercial airline.

When we are starting out, with a small airport the grand caravan and other aircraft like the TBM-850 are more than likely going to be our main source of revenue alongside GA aircraft if they are implemented in a favourable fashion.

Having aircraft that are functionally identical in the beginning is not a priority, a good reason why the BAE 146 is the next aircraft being implemented is because it’s different. If they flesh out all the different types of aircraft to make there appear to be a sense of progression before starting to include all the different variations of basically the same aircraft (Yes, I know Airbus and Boeing are different companies, but it’s got the same capabilities).

I do agree with you on the subject of older aircraft as they wouldn’t be used in a commercial airfield, but maybe there is the option to hold an event such as Oshkosh where a hell of a lot of aircraft turn up including some really great classics. Although that is more likely going to fall down to the modders as it’s not really worth modelling all those aircraft.


Have to disagree with you there, The airport I’m based at has a mix of everything from Boeing and Airbus (And the occasional Antonov/Ilyushin) down to 200/208/400 series Cessna’s and a range of Pipers, the 208’s are as common as the heavies. On the contrary, CRJ’s and ERJ’s don’t exist at all! Globally they’re are different mixes of traffic and it would be great to have them represented.


How about General Aviation planes that also use commercial airport grounds? Not to mention teh fact that FedEx, one of the largest parcel carriers, operates a ton of Grand Caravans


Did a little update on the table :slight_smile:

Type basics added:
added Aérospatiale: N262
added BAe: ATP J31 J32 J41
added Britten-Norman: BN2
added Cessna: C170 C172 C175 C177 C180 C182 C185 C206 C208 C210 C303 C310 C337 C340 C350 C400 C402 C404 C406 C411 C414 C421 C425 C441 :smiley:
added Cirrus: SR20 SR22
added Dornier: Do28 Do228 Do328
added EADS CASA: CN235
added Fokker: F27 F28
added Gippsland: GA8
added Hawker Siddeley: HS748 (subtypes)
added Mooney: M20
added Pilatus: PC12
added Piper: PA28 PA32 PA34 PA44 PA46
added SOCATA: TB TBM700
added Sud Aviation: SE210 Caravelle
added Sukhoi: SSJ100

Type full set added:
added Aérospatiale/BAC: Concorde
added ATR: ATR42 ATR72
added Fokker: F50 F70 F100