SUGGESTIONS: Aircraft Models


I hope that are enough GA and Commuter planes to choose from. :smiley:
… and also some more unique planes for the sake of it. :wink: :airplane_departure:


U R AWESOME!!!:sunglasses: One more thing for devs… Will we able to decide our airport establishment date??
For example:
If I open an airport in 1960s/70s… I should get Airbus 300s and Boeing 707/747(1st model) at my airport instead of A380s and 787s.
And if I open in 2010… I should get mostly newer aircrafts (older ones can show up occasionally).

Will/Can this be implemented?? I think it’s good.


Kinda the answer to your question, kinda not the answer to your question :slight_smile:


I had already seen that post as I have answered it. But it’s not the correct answer😐


“It would probably be possible to do something similar to Tropico or AOEII where you instantly jump from like the 1930s to the 1950s when you are “ready”. The issue with a historic progression is the insane amount of work it would require. To do it properly it would require at least five different ages, meaning that each object, or at least several of the objects (vehicles, clothes, furniture, structures), would require five different sprites.”


This is not in the current pipeline as we have mentioned the heavy work regarding creating additional sprites and figuring out clever systems to transform to new eras. However, we might still bring back some retired planes, just for the fun of it. I hope that answers your question. :airplane:


Would it be possible to add a starting year to a plane configuration? if you set that initially to 1950 or so, all stock planes would by default appear. It would also allow modders to add planes for certain years and even - when the pool is large enough - to set the ‘correct’ year to the stock planes.


That’s what I meant. I framed it wrong. :disappointed_relieved:


@pderuiter asked it correctly… Sorry for inconvenience :cry:


Don’t worry! :slight_smile:


Grand Caravans aren’t even commercial props, so even small airports wouldn’t have them. The smallest airports would have DH8As and B1900s. However, will C208s be used for cargo, if there is cargo. @Fredrik and @olof, this something that would help if you answered,


I don’t understand your question? C208 and DH6 are already in the game.


As ACEO will reflect scheduled flights only at the beginning (as far as I read), all planes that fall into a group of planes that make scheduled commerical flights on at least a weekly basis make sense. Which means everything starting from BN-2 Islander :gb: and Cessna Caravans :us: and up fits the game. There are also “airlines” flying Piper etc in scheduled services with revenue passengers.

Next Potential Planes?

Obviously @alpha has done an amazing job with his extensive list of aircraft, but I was watching videos on YouTube (who doesn’t do that, right?) and happened to come across a very nice Airbus A350, which I didn’t know about. The plane is only 4 years old, and looks very sharp, I might add.

Of course, this plane is competition to the Boeing 787, which means we’d have to look into slowly bringing in the larger aircraft, but I felt the Dreamliner and the A350 were pretty sharp with the blended winglets, and in the A350’s case, the all-black windows with rounded edges on the cockpit! Not bad, I don’t think. Sorry if this seems redundant, but I wanted to suggest at least those 2 aircraft.

Oh and Psst… Don’t forget the CS100 LOL


Don’t tell me that u didn’t know anything about A350 before :expressionless:


@anshu1605 no need to be like that- so what if he’s not seen it?

@Nace888 flew on one last month and it was UNBELIEVABLE
, but as this is a small suggestion, should probs be in that thread SO forum doesn’t get cluttered :slight_smile:


I am saying that I don’t understand why C208 is even in the game for airlines. It is mostly used for GA and Cargo. Anything smaller then a B1900 really is never used for commercial service. So unless it is for cargo or GA purposes, there is no point having it in the game.


Commercial passenger operators of C208 amongst other small aircraft:
Air milford
Air Serv International
Air Whitsunday
Asante Aviation
Auric Air
Austrek Air Charter
Bay Air Aviation
Bering Air
Boskovic Air Charters
Broome Air Services
Everts Air Alaska
Federal Airlines
Ravn Alaska
Etc. Etc. Etc

You get the idea, these are all airlines that operate aircraft including the C208. It’s perfectly justified in the game so there is a perfectly good point having it in the game! In fact i’d argue it’s more likely to be used for commercial services than GA because it’s just too big for GA, far too inefficient and expensive to run.


I agree with @Bigbigcheese there are Airlines that do use these aircraft, GA wouldn’t use them much as they are too big. They are often used for sightseeing trips etc


@anshu1605 I actually had NOT been aware of the A350, but I DID know of the Boeing Dreamliner.

@Bmthemem1 How was it?? That’s amazing! And honestly, it did get merged! XD

Thanks @Olof and @Fredrik