SUGGESTIONS: Aircraft Models


I haven’t found it mentioned anywhere but the A380? And how they do that thing with THREE aerobridge at DXB or SYD? Bloomin brilliant! Can the A380 be one of those added to the already enormous list :smiley:


SUGGESTIONS: Aircraft Models See the Link in the post A380 is there. It’s not official but stay guaranteed that it will be there later in the game.

And thanks for mentioning those multi tier jet bridges. A question popped in my mind.

Here’s the question/doubt for devs:
Will the A380/747 be implemented only when the game becomes multi floor capable or u both are going to come up with a way of handling without multifloor??


Presumably you don’t need multiple levels in order to handle a B747 or A380 (and I imagine that some airports in the real world handle the aircraft without this need - certainly Prestwick used to handle passenger 747s despite only being on ground level).

Multiple levels would probably be needed for multiple jetways on the A380 (i.e. if you want a jetway to the upper deck), but an A380 should be able to land at any airport with the right ground infrastructure (runway, taxiway, stand) regardless of the terminal building.


A380 600 because it can hold so many people.


A380-600 isn’t an excisting airplane… the only model Airbus produces is the -800, and it will most likely be the only one they will ever produce.


Ok Then I say a380 800


In that case you are 100% right, I would love to see a plane like the a380 set foot at my airport, look at all the things you would have to take into consideration before harboring such a jetliner…


It would also be in later stage and it would be hard to accommodate because of the amounts of passengers.


also the special gates that it would need.


so really hard.


It’s actually interesting, I recall somewhere a dev saying that the current airport could not support larger aircraft like the A380 or the B747.

I can’t wait to see when it gets to that point though!!


As @Nace888 said, Devs have many times said that the game may not support such huge number of passengers (mostly because of hardware limitations), but this may change in future with better hardware utilisation and optimization.
Till that time we will have to wait.

Also A380 will need multiple floors, so this means it will come in later releases, MUCH later.


I can understand why, just imagine all 600 pax route-finding their way through your pre alpha airfield lol.


I think the biggest that could be handled NOW is the B757, maybe after the release they could get B787or A330😀


the largest possible on the current stand is the 767/a330:

first picture in the screens category (B737 and C182)


Nice then A330should be next


I would like to see these types of aircraft in the game.

Bombardier Q-400 dash 8
Dornier 328 Jet aircraft
Erj 135
Embraer E-170 - E-195
Airbus A-320
Pilatus Pc-12
Boeing 737-800 Max


If I was a dev of this game, I would have THESE PLANES in ACEO:
Embraer 145
Dash Q400
Embraer 195
Airbus A319
Boeing 737-800
Airbus A321-LR
Boeing 757-300
Airbus A330-200
Boeing 787-8
Airbus A350
Boeing 747-8

Note that this list is only commercial aircraft, and I do not expect all of these in early access.


Embraer 145
Dash Q400
Embraer 195
Airbus A319
Boeing 737-800
Airbus A321-LR
Boeing 757-300
Airbus A330-200
Boeing 787-8
Airbus A350
Boeing 747-8


I see what you did there :wink: