SUGGESTIONS: Aircraft Models


Please share if you say that comment again.


Defo big planes like A340. Also maybe new planes like the E195-e2, CSeries, A350, 787, Airbus’ NEOs and Boeing’s MAXs


Seems oddly specific… Personal reasons?.. Do you have a youtube by chance? One relation to the plane you want added? If so I’m a fan of your works!


Exposed? Or do we have another case if coincidence?


No I don’t have a youtube, you are probably thinking about someone else; The reason I love that aircraft is I used to fly them in my youth, in and out of YKZ. Near on 30 yrs ago now… Until my ears had it. After the Cessna, its my first love. :slight_smile:


Maybe they would add some of the older aircraft like the De haveland comet or the DC 3 or 4 i don’t know how it would work explaining the concept of very old aircraft coming to your airport but it would be interesting to see one suddenly land or have one of these that u have scheduled land at your airport.
De Haveland Comet
Dc 4


It would really be a COM(m)ETment(commitment) to add new planes, but if they don’t add them i’m sure the steam workshop will be on it! (Yea I made a pun as my first post on the forums… Sorry i’m just waiting to press that buy button on steam…)


Seems this is my second post not my first… Whoops.


Welcome to the forums catcat71 :slight_smile:


I have a suspicion the devs are hiding a plane from us… Thinking something along the lines of an A321, A330, or B757/67


I think there will be a few surprises in the release besides a new plane. I’m thinking cargo and remote stands have a decent chance to be included.


Although i hope you all are right, let’s not hype this too much… I couldn’t stand the disappointment :wink:


Why?? @Ryan Just why? don’t give us hope… Or we will come after u if it doesn’t hold off.


Although i hope you all are right, let’s not hype this too much… I couldn’t stand the disappointment :wink:

Devs showed us that game is ready to play. It is 99% sure the game will be released in this August so I don’t see anything to worry about.


I know it will release then, but i was talking about the extra features in this thread :slight_smile:


I always like a surprise or 2… or 3…

Your right, I can sing and dance all I want after the release :wink:


I think there should heavies like the:


to start of with!

Should There be Larger Aircraft?

Maybe in future…
But now, a larger stand would be needed, and larger runway as well…


thats true but for some reason in the fees part it says heavy aircraft! I wonder why?


It would be great if the next implemented airplanes would be the following:

Small Stand Aircraft:
Piaggio Aero Avanti P180
Cessna Citation X
Gulfstream G650
Learjet 35
Learjet 60
Falcon 7X

Also those buisness planes could be both GA and commercial flight

Medium Stand Aircraft:
Dornier 328
Boing 727
Tupulev 154
Iljuschin IL-62

Those would add some different looks to the airfield, because all those variations of boing and airbus are of course important and should be added, but in that look from above in ACEO those would look mostly the same ;).