SuperMax Airplanes


Hello Everyone.

I noticed that the large airplane poll, while containing airplanes larger than the ones currently in game, don’t have any of the really large planes, such as the Airbus A380. Would that plane be a separate category, or was it just not a choice in this poll?


The game is still in development, so bigger planes will come further up the road map.


They said they start with the ‘smaller’ large planes because they want to save the best for later.

The Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 are planes that are so legendary and big that every plane they release after that will be in their shadows.


The planes we currently have in the game are categorized as narrow-body aircraft(medium-737/A320 etc). The poll is asking about widebody aircraft(large-787/777/A350/A330 etc). The 747 and A380 are categorized as jumbo jets(super). This is why in real life you will see 747 or A380 callsigns have “super/heavy” after. Example- Emirates 101 Super(A380) or Lufthansa 19 heavy(747). The 747/A380 do not fall under the large category, so they were not in the poll


I wouldn’t call that “saving the best for later”, I think the best explanation is that the devs want to make sure the game can cope with smaller planes before they ramp up the heat.


I actually don’t know why people are obsessed with A380s. There are many more small, narrow and wide body aircrafts in the world and some poeple are like “I want A380 and nothing else”

A380 and 747 are marked as “Jumbo Jets”.


Yup… There’s a lot more interesting planes then A380…
Like : Fokker F100, Fokker F70, Airbus A220, A330-300, A330-200, A350-900 etc…


MD 88 is a legendary too :wink:.


Also while we are sort of on this topic. (I apologise for bringing this up AGAIN) the MD80 cannot be classed as a large aircraft and I have new evidence for this.

The medium stands literally have a stopping mark for the MD80…

…case closed😎


the MD80 cannot be classed as a large aircraft

Large aircraft voting has been ended so there is no point to discuss about it. :wink:


I know it was just that I only noticed this after it had closed and at that point it had just turned into a bit of a meme

I don’t actually care about it AT ALL :joy:


Would the 707 be a large?


They already are in their air wake with a 5 minute delay between them…


Even though I understand the feeling of having such a large aircraft, landing in your airport you spent a few days perfectly creating.

I still believe it’s best to see how a smaller aircraft, yet still a large aircraft is implemented within the game to ensure that the game is fully prepared for the full implementation of the A380 or 747.

I personally would rather much more smaller types of aircraft like the 717, or the 767. But then this game is in Alpha.

I do expect them to come soon, with the implementation of catering to come soon, and cleaning later on, and also having a new aircraft developer I believe it will be shorter timespan than we think. Or I think.