Swap enterance/exit on stands

Feature request title:

swap sides on entrance/exit


on a stand there are 2 entrance/exits one for arrivals the other for departures my suggestion is the ability to swap the these 2 entrance/exits over, this will allow for a lot more options and can allow for more compact and efficient buildings.

Why it should be implemented:

it can allow for more options when building and can allow for less space to be taken up when trying to separate incoming and outgoing passengers.

Images, references or additional content:

an example of an airport you could make using this:

this could be more space efficient and could mean more possibility as I find with my designs they can get very large when I try to split the passengers up

Interesting idea! Would like to see this. It would make it easier/neater to fit in routes like in your example to segregated arrivals stairs/walkways on different floors, or sharing same routes to save space (using one stair/lift between 2 stands :slight_smile:

I misunderstood the title. Airbridges and stairs always on the left, with services on the right. My understanding is you are referring to swapping the arrivals/departures tiles into the terminal from the zebra crossing or bridge. Good idea! I always segregate Arrivals and Departures as preference, using only airbridge stands or remote stands with dedicated arrivals bus bays.

i see the confusion i’ll try to change the title to something less confusing

The description makes sense entirely :slight_smile: Good suggestion!