Swiftly logo on flight planner


I was looking at the new devlog image of the flight plane, and the swiftly logo was hard to read. Any thoughts on this?


I think it looks realistic and nice. Also easy to read.


I don’t see an issue myself TBH. :slight_smile:


I think he meant flight planner not plane. If so he is (in my opinion) right, because the blue is hard to read on the green.


I also suppose that @CaptainCat means the flight planner:

I agree that it’s difficult to read on the green of the flight planner. It just needs some kind of light transparent background.


Thanks @JeremyK


Improve Swiftly plane color textures


Ohh :man_facepalming: when I saw “flight plane” I though “aircraft”

Yes you are right it absolutely looks unreadable.


Yes, it is very fade. We will look into this


Changed the title a bit to avoid further confusion… :wink:


Ah I see what you mean, yes I agree. :slight_smile: