Taxiway System Upgrades

Feature request title:
Taxiway System Upgrades

Overhaul the taxiway system to be more versatile and allow for more design options.

Why it should be implemented:
The common thing people keep asking about is for curves, a bit more originality and uniqueness. Everyone has made it very clear that they want more control… In a way, I can see how this would be warranted. By overhauling the system, it would allow for smoother appearances, more uniqueness, and more creativity.

Images, references or additional content:
That leads me to this. There’s been discussion of how wide taxiways should be and whatnot, so this feature would kinda set that into stone, essentially choosing the size that would work best for you.

Here is the first style I’d suggest… Premade pieces that you can select, drop and connect (similar to a train set) with taxiways 3 wide for small aircraft, 5 for medium (and potentially large) aircraft, and if wanted a 7 wide for those big boys. This would mean prefabricated intersections and curves, and even straights (if they aren’t drag and droppable).

That leads me to my next style. Drag and draw style, in the 3 sizes (3, 5, or 7 wide). Similar to Cities:Skylines road building system, click and click for straights, click, select, click for curves, and intersections prefab or click and connect. It would allow a bit more of a compact style (for those who like tighter turns etc) and may be a bit more weird. I kinda like this style thought though.

So, what does this propose? What will it do? Well… Here’s the thing. By doing either of these, the nodes can already be in those segments or stretches (similar to the runway exits now). Keep those nodes on the segments open for us to customize them as we currently do though, and it would help us out. It also adds a more realistic feel for some airports (that don’t have taxiway lines all the way to the gate). These methods could also open up possibility for open taxi aprons or pads, or we could keep the current style in the game but add one of these as an enhancement. By doing these, the angles and curves would be accessible while still staying within the limits of the game.

First Image Example
The gray grid is the current game grid. The black lines are the edges of the taxiways. The yellow is of course the center-line. The green are lights, the blue would be an example of a “half turn”.

Second Image Example
Shapes like this would be possible.

All in all, I feel like it would make the aircraft movements look more realistic (even though it’s a game), and allow for a lot of unique patterns and such. Whether it’s drawing out these shapes and connecting them for intersections and travel paths or using premade pieces, the amount of freedom I feel like it would bring would allow much more options for airport designs.


Love the idea. But i wouldn’t want to trade the possibility to build nice tarmacs to having prefabricated pieces. If u go there the tarmac function will disappear and the game will become more like the other game (SA) that is not as good as this one.

Actually I already have a problem with the 3 pieces that is premade. Runway exit/entrences, The hold point is to close to the runway :sweat_smile::laughing:

That’s why I said though that it could be used hand in hand with the tarmac building system.

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sry missed that! :slight_smile:

I prefer to see 45 degree angled taxiways. Like you build crosswise taxiway tiles and they become 45 degreed continuous taxiway automatically.

About size of taxiway widty; I think it is better to leave it to player to make game more entertainment and creativity

Yes, I’d like also to have Blast Shoulders image


Its a nice idea which would be cool if was implemented to roads as well.

This is a good idea. I’d definitely prefer the drag-and-draw style (similar to cities skylines) than the pre-made pieces too.

Pre-made pieces could be the beginning of customization, and could potentially be a way to avoid drag and draw if we’re allowed to make our own “templates” to share on Steam to be used as wanted!

The drag and draw seems a bit more flexible though!

I will be sharing pictures tomorrow of sketches to explain the plus side of both drag and draw or droppable pieces.

I’m not the best with photoshop, but if you look at the red lines, you’ll see that if we go based on a 5 wide taxiway, everything is consistent here! The curves even seem to follow (for the most part) that same principle.

By creating a drag-and-draw system, you could effectively create a system by simply connecting drawn segment to segment. Curves could be made to connect to another chunk to create “overlapping” pieces that create intersections.

By creating droppable segments, we could simply (while still in the confines of the game) create unique patterns and taxiway systems. I did not get to draw/sketch out my system examples today, hope to tomorrow. If not, either way, I’d love to see some addition of this in some form to expand our systems.


Let’s revive this one also? I’d also like probably to see prefab curves like this :

With different variations wider curve, shorter curve, bigger one, sharper turn etc… Would be pretty neat feature.

Or just make a new draggable taxiway system.

I think you can archive that with 3 45 degrees turns and 1 diagonal runway exit. (of course if we have such a feature implemented) Diagonal everything!

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Yup agree, would love to see the diagonal option!

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Come to think of it, in addition to this, I would love to see that we can not only use it in conjunction with what’s already in the game, but I want to see if we could add an open taxiway area, without nodes that would allow aircraft to drive wherever they like, without Collision issues. What I mean, is allow multiple planes and the same apron area, but their hit boxes must be avoided from each other.