Temporary close airport to flights


Hi guys,
I need to do some major expansions in my airport, just wondering what is the best way to temporary close traffic considering that:

  • I don’t care of losing money (playing sandbox)
  • I would like to keep airline satisfaction and contracts signed (can I cancel every contract and sign again when done? will I find same airlines available to sign again?
  • Possibly would like to avoid disabliing auto planner and just wait for airport to get desert with no more flights scheduled

Any suggestions?



if you want to carry out an expansion of stands, they will not receive flights until they are activated


Major Update in Progress… I am doing the same right now, again. :grin:
I personally leave the airport open and all contracts running, even during major expansions, like rebuilding a whole terminal (including demolishing several stands to rebuild them somewhere else). :bomb::open_mouth:
I also leave the auto planner activated. You can just cancel the flights of a specific stand when closing it, at the price of airline satisfaction. It will regenerate later to 100%, no problem. :sunglasses:
As far as I experienced, you can cancel any contract and sign it again, as often as you like. Airlines and contractors never completely vanish from the list of available contracts. :mag_right:
Conclusion: No need to close your airport or cancel contracts!


@Chazon10 update regards stands and taxiways already in use in addition to new stands

@Sepone so best (and fastest) way should be cancelling every contract (I want the schedule completely empty, the update is so huge it will take a lot of time - I am even considering starting a new game) and sign them again when done