Terminal Bridge question


I was curious if in the current version of the game, if it is possible to build a terminal bridge (i.e. you have your main terminal building, then have a bridge on a second or third level that crosses over a taxi-way, service road, etc., before connecting to another terminal building). Is this possible, or will it cause issues with the design I was hoping to go for?

I’m basically wanting to have the main terminal with pads running down its length, then have a bridge on an upper level cross over the below pads and taxi-ways to a second terminal with another line of pads and taxiways.

Example: LaGuardia Terminal

Yes, you can. You have to build the bridge so that it starts and ends on another terminal, but you can only build it over taxiways, not stands. Like this:

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gotcha, thanks for the advice! I’ll give that a try.

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@Strages87 I would recommend placing it in #support next time.

Terminal used to be able on the top of stands

When I tried it I couldn’t place it on stands. Maybe you can?

in an earlier version you could build it above stands. But as far as I know, they changed it and now it is not possible anymore.